Apprenticeship tax: support IPAG!

09 Apr 2021


Each year, more and more companies honour us with the payment of their apprenticeship tax and we renew our warmest thanks to them.

Their trust has already enabled the school to pursue its policy of development and innovation: our 5,000 m2 campus at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the creation of a 100% digital IPAG Online campus and the setting up of our own Training and Apprenticeship Centre (CFA), which enables us to promote work-study programmes, break down social barriers and encourage access to quality education for all. We invite all companies who wish to do so to support our future projects through the Apprenticeship Tax.

Since 2020 and the "Avenir" law, the methods of collecting this tax have changed and companies must now directly allocate the Balance of the apprenticeship tax (13%) to the establishments and organisations authorised to benefit from it. All companies have until 31 May to pay their apprenticeship tax to IPAG and we are counting on them more than ever.

If you wish to have more information on the payment of the 2024 apprenticeship tax, go to the dedicated page.