Parcoursup: how to formulate your wishes correctly?

23 Feb 2022


Future baccalaureate holders, students in the process of reorientation, the Parcoursup platform opened its doors a few weeks ago and it is now that a part of your future is at stake...

What is it all about?

Parcoursup is the main gateway to the 1ʳᵉ year in higher education. This is where you gather information about the programmes you are interested in, where you can contact the educational managers and, above all, it is on Parcoursup that you formulate your vows.

How do you find your course?

Once you have created your 2023 file, you can use the Parcoursup search engine by typing in the keywords Programme Grande École, IPAG Business School or by adding the titles of the options that interest you: Management and Engineering; Geopolitical Track or American Track. You can make up to 10 wishes and 10 sub-wishes.

Programme Grande École

How do I make my wishes?

Please note that admission to certain selective courses is subject to a competitive examination. To enter the IPAG Grande Ecole programme, for example, you will have to take the SESAME competition, a test bank common to 14 schools. Consequently, your wish list must be as follows: SESAME competition; and your sub-selection Programme Grande Ecole de l'IPAG, classical curriculum, Geopolitics, American Track or Management and Engineering.

Until when can I apply?

This year, the deadline is Thursday 9 March. Do not miss this deadline because after this date, it will no longer be possible to make your wishes on Parcoursup, and consequently it will be more complicated to integrate the IPAG.

What happens next?

The SESAME written exams take place on Thursday 13th April. If you are admitted to the orals, you will be invited to an interview on the IPAG campus in Paris or Nice between 27th April and 16th May. From 2 June, you will know whether you have been admitted or not. And it is always on Parcoursup that you will definitively confirm your choice.