From psychosocial risks to well-being at work

  • MAJ 01/03/2023


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From psychosocial risks to well-being at work

Better understanding of psychosocial risks and the notion of quality of life at work

This one-day training course aims to provide the keys to identifying psychosocial risks, their causes and impacts, and defining the most effective way of preventing and managing them. It also introduces the notion of quality of life at work.

Delivered entirely ONLINE (in real time with the speaker), this programme can be followed regardless of your geographical location.


- To identify psychosocial risks: stress, suffering at work, harassment, violence at work.
- To know the impact of psychosocial risks on a personal level, on a team level and on an organisational level.
- Understand the causes of these risks and question your role as a manager.
- Knowing what to do and not to do in complex situations to prevent psychosocial risks.
- Introduce the notion of quality of life at work.



Frédéric Rossi
Mail :
Tél : 01 53 63 36 22



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From psychosocial risks to well-being at work


  • 1 day
  • Characterise psychosocial risks
  • To master the legal context
  • Identify the causes of psychosocial risks
  • Measuring the consequences of the risks in terms of people, performance, costs and the general atmosphere of the organisation (team, company, etc.)
  • Preventing risks: what actions should be taken upstream to anticipate them?
  • Managing psychosocial risks at service, department and team level
  • From psychosocial risks to quality of life at work

Target audience

This training is aimed at all those involved in quality of life at work issues: team managers, HR, RPS referents, etc.

In Short


1 Day


26 février 2022

Pre-requisites / Admission

No pre-requisites are necessary for this course


1000 € net *
*Net price, IPAG Business School is not subject to VAT.

Trainer profile

Gérard Lelarge

Management (ethics and performance, intergenerational teams, teleworking employees, etc.), human resources (the HR role of the local manager, prevention and management of psychosocial risks, improving the employer brand, etc.), career management and personal development.

Pedagogical means

Continuous back and forth between theoretical contributions, examples and case studies.

Practical information

  • Training sessions are organised throughout the year.
  • This module is also offered as a tailor-made course that can be adjusted and adapted (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and participants.
  • No pre-requisites are required for this course.