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  • MAJ 15/11/2024

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  • April and November 2024


  • Online
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Graduation diploma

  • 5-year Master's degree

Teaching languages

  • French French

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€10 800


Frédéric Rossi E-Mail : Phone number : 01 53 63 36 22

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PresentationInnovative training in agility and responsible management to help companies grow and base their success on a sense of teamwork.

Delivered entirely online (252 hours of lessons given in real time in interaction with the lecturers, supplemented by 90 hours of personal work in e-learning), this programme enables you to obtain this Master 2 regardless of your geographical location.

A course designed to train :

  • Tomorrow's leaders, with distinctive skills in strategy, foresight, team management and agility
  • Agents of change, aware of the challenges of the future and equipped to face them collectively, in order to develop value
  • Business & Social Partners who are as concerned about the sustainability of their business model and their own personal development as they are about the common good.

This master's programme has been developed through a strategic partnership with IPAG Business School's "Inclusive Enterprise" Chair, whose internationally recognised expertise in inclusive management, organisational agility and CSR is underpinned by its collaboration with its partners (AFMD -Association Française des Managers de la Diversité-, Fondation FACE, ANDRH, ORSE) and sponsors: the Fondation Egalité Mixité (and its founding companies: AXA, ORANGE, ENGIE, MICHELIN), the CBRE France Group, the CARREFOUR Group, the Alliance mutualiste MUTEX (VYV Group), the TOTAL Group, the Fédération des Cadres Supérieurs et Dirigeants de l'Energie (FNCS), the IFEC union and AGEFIPH.

This course can be adapted for people with disabilities. Please contact our advisers.

Admission3 Prerequisites

  • 4-year degree holder. 2-year or 3-year degree holders can still access the programme through an accreditation of prior experiential learning (VAE)
  • Skills in management and project management
  • A minimum of 7 years of work experience


Application deadline
Enrolment is possible up to the date of the last examining board before the start of the course (this can be held up to one week before the start of the academic year). Please contact the IPAG Executive Business Manager, Mr Frédéric Rossi.

Corporate Social Responsibility Master: Discover our 5-year Master's degree in Paris To find out more

Our CSR (RSE) programme in Paris

The CSR programme is a 5-year Master's degree in continuous education, the purpose of such program is to train future managers on issues and practices inherent to corporate social responsibility. Our course, which is state-approved and awarded the title RNCP level 1, trains managers with a strong ethical dimension, concerned about the general interest as well as the viability of their business model, and capable of combining strategic thinking and operational management.


Master RSE (CSR): Definition and principles

What is the CSR Master?

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Master's Degree is a IPAG programme  which is designed to give students solid knowledge and awareness of the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in companies and organisations.

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic worldwide, which requires very specific skills and expertise, for example in terms of human resources development.

By attending IPAG's CSR Master's course, students are trained in the normative environment governing CSR, both in France and internationally, while being sensitised to the issues of today and tomorrow, such as inclusion or strategic management of human resources. In addition, participants are prepared to manage strategic projects in the social, societal or environmental domains, and to support companies in the conduct of change.

How can we apply to your CSR programme?

Eligibility for admission to the IPAG CSR Master's Degree is open:

  • To any graduate with a 4-year higher education diploma
  • To any graduate with a 2 or 3-year higher education diploma who can justify at least 7 years of professional experience, via a Validation of Professional Acquired Skills 85 (VAP 85).
  • To apply, you must submit an online application. You will then be interviewed by a jury to assess the adequacy of your project with the training.    


Why should I do a Master's degree in CSR at IPAG Paris?


Corporate Social Responsibility is an enthralling current topic, offering many opportunities because this theme requires real expertise in management sciences. Our program aspires to perfect the actors of organisational and societal change. In concrete terms, leaders who are both agile and inclusive. To do so, our training adopts a holistic conception of the firm and articulates theoretical contributions, role-playing and practical tools.

Our Master 2 CSR adopts an integrated thinking that is reflected in numerous sessions on the company of tomorrow, on change management and on the management of diverse teams. These modules are part of the "Diversity & Inclusion" programme, designed by the IPAG Chair in Inclusive Enterprise and our partner, the French Association of Diversity Managers.

By attending this Master's Program, the student has the opportunity to open his or her thinking to current and future CSR issues. Once active, they will be able to integrate social, societal and environmental issues into the global strategy of a company or organisation. Finally, it will be introduced to essential themes such as law and compliance, social management control, human resources management and strategic management...

In concrete terms, the lessons are divided into 4 key modules:

  • Organisational management, to learn how to carry out a social audit and develop agility and vision in order to become a team manager.
  • Agile leadership and transformation management within an organisation.
  • Team management and CSR performance, to master the human resources, career and talent management.
  • Career strategy and personal development, through individual and collective coaching sessions.  

By joining this Master's degree, the student has the benefit of the expertise of the IPAG Chairs and in particular the recognised expertise of the IPAG Chair in Inclusive Enterprise. This Chair conducts ten action-research projects in parallel, each involving about twenty companies. Thus, the speakers are not only the school's teacher-researchers but also experts from the business world, both trainers and coaches. The students can thus benefit from tailored support and orientation coaching to find their way at the end of the training.

The pace of the courses is compatible with the pursuit of a professional activity, with classes taking place on Fridays and Saturdays. In total, participants are on-site for 36 days on campus. The rest of the time, they have access to e-learning modules, for teaching that is as flexible as possible. Some modules are mandatory, while others are optional and allow participants to deepen their knowledge of certain subjects and concepts.

As a conclusion, the main differentiating element of our CSR Master's degree is the humanistic outlook, the pragmatic approach and the transformational ambition that drives it.


What can you do after a Master's degree in CSR management?

Once you graduated from the CSR Master's Degree in Management, there are two paths to follow, depending on your professional project:

  • The MBA option is a good option if you wish to improve your management skills and your knowledge of business economics.

You can also continue your studies with a DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) if you wish to increase your knowledge from the Master's program and benefit from further training. This is a challenging course, which can be completed in 3 years and is aimed at managers who wish to give their careers a new impulse. Besides attending courses on CSR, entrepreneurship and project management, students from the DBA program must choose a thesis research topic. Why not choose a Social Responsibility problematic in order to go further in the thematic of your Master's degree?

  • Or joining (again) the professional world. In fact, a graduate from our Master's degree is immediately effective in a multitude of positions: project manager, CSR manager, consultant... As CSR is a particularly job-creating field at the moment, the professional insertion of our graduates is very satisfying!

The 4 skill blocks

The course is made up of four blocks of skills that can be taken independently and can be accumulated over 5 years. So if you are not ready to join the Master 2 in Management and CSR immediately, you can follow these blocks of skills at your own pace, building up credits towards the Master.

Blocks taken in their entirety are subject to certification and remain eligible for the CPF.

● Managing an organisation
● Agile leadership and transformation management
● Career strategy and personal development
● Team management and CSR performance

Managing an organisation - 10 days

Develop your agility and vision to become a team manager and leader of the future.

  • Business Game
  • Corporate governance and the challenges facing different departments
  • Building the company's vision
  • Carrying out a strategic diagnosis and developing a strategy
  • Financial assessment of a company
  • 360° company audit: social and environmental audit *
  • The company of tomorrow *

Agile leadership and transformation management - 9.5 days

Develop your leadership skills in the service of collective excellence

  • Agile leadership *
  • Team gender audit and diversity management *
  • From psychosocial risks to well-being at work *
  • Ethical dilemmas and the managerial relationship *
  • International and intercultural management, a lever for performance * Project management
  • Project management
  • Performance management and control systems
  • Transformation management

Career strategy and personal development - 4.5 days

Analyse and strategically build your career plan

  • Job forecasting and intra/entrepreneurial approach
  • Strategic construction of a career plan

Team management and CSR performance - 12 days

To have solid expertise in team management and CSR

  • Strategic human resources management
  • Career and talent management
  • Legal perspectives on CSR
  • Social intelligence
  • Creating and leading networks *
  • Management of diverse teams & Diversity Business Case *

*Courses designed by the Inclusive Enterprise Chair in partnership with the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD).

Optional free dissertation support workshops are offered to participants throughout the course, to help them write their dissertation.

The Teaching Team

Dr Maria-Giuseppina BRUNA

Academic Director of the Master 2 programme in Management & CSR

  • Full Professor of Management at IPAG Business School, specialising in diversity management, CSR, agility and inclusion
  • Founding Director of the IPAG "Inclusive Enterprise" Chair & Director of Ethics & CSR at the IPAG Business School Group
  • Qualified expert for the Ministries of Labour, Territorial Cohesion and Higher Education

François BELLAMI

  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Identification and implementation of the Identity and Iterative Operating Mode (MO2i), Leadership, Diversity, Inclusive Agility, Systemic and Symbolic Analysis, Creativity, Strategy, Visioning and Sense-Making



  • Assistant Professor of Management at IPAG Business School and scientific advisor to the IPAG "Inclusive Enterprise" Chair
  • Researcher at ESSEC within the Change Chair
  • Doctorate in Management Sciences, specialising in corporate social responsibility, change management, stakeholder management and corporate governance


  • French politician and association leader; blind from birth
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities, ethical dilemmas in managerial practice

Vincent CHANAL

  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Development strategy and organisation, collective intelligence, corporate finance, technologies



  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Social intelligence, intercultural and international management


Dr. Abderrahmane JAHMANE

  • Assistant Professor of Management at IPAG Business School and researcher at the IPAG Chair in Inclusive Enterprise
  • Doctorate in Business Administration, specialising in change management, human resources management and corporate social responsibility (CSR)


  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Management (ethics and performance, intergenerational teams, teleworking employees, etc.), human resources (the HR role of the local manager, prevention and management of psychosocial risks, improving the employer brand, etc.), career management and personal development.


  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Development of managerial skills, project management, change management, HRM organisation and strategy


  • Lecturer at IPAG Business School
  • Situational management, team performance, managing difficult situations and stress, project management, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence


  • Responsible for expert missions within the IPAG "Inclusive Enterprise" Chair
  • Head of "Social Innovation and Inclusion" development for the Director of Ethics, CSR and Societal Research at IPAG Business School
  • Alert systems, social dialogue, diversity label, responsible purchasing, discrimination linked to origin, welcoming foreigners∙e∙s who are new to the company∙e∙s, communication on diversity


  • Lecturer and researcher at IPAG Business School
  • Doctorate in private law, specialising in the legal perspectives of corporate social responsibility, business law, consumer law and contract law


Read the feedback from current and former participants.

"The teaching objectives of the Master 2 programme are of the highest quality.
The skill blocks enabled me to assess my own management style, identify the various management tools and benefit from individualised support around my professional project. IPAG's Masters in General Management includes a CSR module of excellent quality. The welcome is very pleasant, the trainers are very professional and the atmosphere is very friendly.  This Master's programme has met all my expectations. I would recommend it.

Frédéric PULGAS
Railway Project Manager

"The Master 2 in Management and CSR has given me a clear understanding of the issues involved in business and management.
The themes of the modules are well chosen and enable us to easily identify the issues at stake for the various stakeholders. In addition, the constant parallel with specific professional situations encourages reflection and helps us to project ourselves.
The diversity of the trainers, from both academic and professional backgrounds, enriches the course by alternating between real-life situations and moments of reflection.
Finally, I saw an important personal and human dimension to it, which led me to reflect on and refine my future career plan, thanks to the attentiveness and availability of the trainers, but also thanks to the strong cohesion of the group and the reflections carried out together".

Site manager at the E2C Val de Marne

"I'm currently doing the Master 2 in Management and CSR at IPAG Business School.
This programme gives you a global view of the company. It gives you a very good understanding of what management is all about. The courses are taught by high-calibre lecturers whose backgrounds and experience add undeniable value to the course content, resulting in a very high quality overall package.
The subjects taught are perfectly developed by the teaching staff, who have built up the course in a logical way. What's more, the system is super flexible in that it allows you to follow e-learning modules at the speed you want.
In my opinion, this Master 2 is an ideal springboard for those wishing to structure their knowledge of management, taking into account the societal approach that has become essential if we are to evolve in the future.
On a personal note, I'd like to add that this course is a fantastic response to my expectations in terms of my plans to set up my own business.

Benoit LE BER
Insurance Specialist

"Joining the Master 2 in Management and CSR in continuing education has given me the opportunity to open up my field of expertise in a caring environment with top-quality lecturers.

Christine ROTH
Executive Assistant to the Deputy General Manager of the Association Hospitalière de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Tuition and Fees

● €10 800 net of tax
● Training eligible for the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF code: 244 653)

Frédéric ROSSI - Business Manager IPAG Executive
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 63 36 22 -