All about the student-entrepreneur status

04 Jun 2021


This national status, introduced in 2014 as part of the action plan for the development of entrepreneurial culture and innovation training, allows students and young graduates to develop their business creation project within a support structure called "PEPITE" (Student Pole for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship). For students in business schools or at university, this status can be a real springboard for becoming an entrepreneur.

What is the National Student Entrepreneur Status (NSSE)?

The student-entrepreneur status offers young project leaders the opportunity to reconcile their studies with their entrepreneurial adventure thanks to an adapted timetable and personalised support within an entirely dedicated ecosystem. The SNEE is open to students under 28 years of age who have at least the baccalaureate or equivalent, and is intended for those who want to create or take over a business, whether it is for economic or social, collective or individual purposes. It is granted for the duration of one academic year but if you need to develop a longer-term project, it can be renewed.

How to obtain student-entrepreneur status?

Your application file must be submitted on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI). It is then studied by a commitment committee of the PEPITE within which you wish to be supported. The status is granted according to the quality of the project, its coherence, its feasibility but also the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of the project leader.

What are the benefits of student-entrepreneur status?

The advantages of the SNEE (Statut National d'Étudiant-Entrepreneur) are numerous, including:

  • The possibility of obtaining adjustments in your timetable and thus adapting your schooling to your entrepreneurial path.
  • The right to replace a compulsory internship in your curriculum with the incubation and development of your project.
  • The chance to be accompanied by tutors (experienced entrepreneurs, young bosses, start-up creators, specialists in the management of innovative projects, etc.) and a referent from the PEPITE network at every stage of your company's creation.
  • Access to coworking spaces, to financiers, to coaches who will help you learn about entrepreneurship, help you draw up your business plan, raise funds, conduct market research, etc.
  • The opportunity to work alongside other young entrepreneurs in a stimulating environment.
  • The possibility to sign a business project support contract (CAPE) in parallel or at the end of your SNEE.

Finally, the SNEE automatically allows you to register for the student-entrepreneur diploma (D2E).

Obtaining the student-entrepreneur establishment diploma (D2E)

All student-entrepreneurs benefiting from the status have the possibility (or the obligation in the case of a young graduate) to enrol in D2E. The registration fee is around 500 euros for the year and this programme allows you to

  • to mention this diploma on your CV.
  • obtain ECTS credits as part of your parallel training.
  • undertake an entrepreneurial project instead of an internship at the end of your studies.
  • extend your scholarship rights based on social criteria.

This entrepreneurship training course emphasises learning by doing, but it also includes business creation seminars, workshops and coaching to develop the participants' entrepreneurial spirit.

Studying at IPAG and having the status of student-entrepreneur

IPAG Business School is a partner of PEPITE PON and allows its students in Entrepreneurship of the Grande Ecole Programme, but also enrolled in other programmes, to benefit from the status of student-entrepreneur in order to carry out their business creation or takeover project in the best possible conditions.

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