Tous Soignants: students deliver 100 meals a day to caregivers

11 May 2020

From the very first days of the health crisis, students from the IPAG's Master Entrepreneurship programme launched a crowdfunding campaign with one goal in mind: to have 100 meals delivered per day to the healthcare staff of several Parisian hospitals.

Widely relayed on social media, this initiative raised more than €15,000. In total, nearly 3,000 meals, prepared by restaurant owners close to the hospitals, were handed out at lunchtime and in the evenings to the care staff, in compliance with the strictest hygiene guidelines.

This tremendous outpouring of support attracted the attention of journalists from the M6 channel. They decided to talk about it in their 7:45 pm news and also to talk about the first days of the project during which some parents had to literally get involved while waiting for the first donors to show up.

Thank you to all the donors, to our students, to their parents, to the teachers who supported this project and to all of those who gave visibility to the movement.

To follow the movement on social networks:
Instagram: @toussoignants