TOSA certification: replay of the ISOGRAD X IPAG webinar

14 Apr 2021


The TOSA by ISOGRAD professional certification has now become a true international standard for the evaluation and certification of IT skills. The result of this test, without fail and with a maximum score of 1,000 points, is measured using a scientific scoring method. Appreciated by recruiters in the same way as the TOEFL or TOEIC, this certification is a significant asset on a candidate's CV.

Given the prestige and interest of the TOSA, IPAG has set up a specific support programme so that students are first informed, then trained and finally certified in the best possible conditions. In concrete terms, the school's Digital Learning

  • Step 1: Information
    All students are made aware of the interest of this certification and can take part in an online course to discover the TOSA support programme at IPAG. In this way, they can understand the pedagogical and professional objectives of the certification and know the means available to them to achieve them.
  • Stage 2: training
    Then, each student is trained by following courses on computer tools and/or dedicated online training modules. Two assessment tests are used to measure the progress made during the programme.
  • Stage 3: certification and assessment
    Finally, the certification takes place under examination conditions, either face-to-face at IPAG, which is authorised to offer passing sessions, or remotely and under electronic surveillance (Exam proctoring). An assessment is then carried out so that the student can evaluate his or her certification.

At IPAG, TOSA certification was first offered in 2016/2017 for a pilot Bachelor class and then extended to other programmes since then. In 2020, the volume of certifications is expected to increase significantly (+500% compared to 2019).

Interested in the systematic professional approach implemented at IPAG, ISOGRAD wanted to organise a webinar to better understand it and share it with its clients or prospects.

Watch the replay of this webinar with :

  • Marc Alperovitch, CEO and founder of ISOGRAD
  • Eve Anglard, Marketing and Communication Manager at ISOGRAD
  • Thomas Hervouet-Kasmi, Digital Learning Manager at IPAG Business School
  • Natacha Bradier, Digital Learning Project Manager at IPAG Business School

Watch the replay