Award ceremony of the 2020 edition of the Entrepreneurship Trophies

27 Oct 2020


Despite the health context, everything has been done to ensure that the 2020 edition of the Entrepreneurship Trophies can take place in good conditions. Organised jointly by the Entrepreneurship Center and the IPAG's Alumni Department, this event is an opportunity to reward the best entrepreneurial achievements of our students and graduates each year..

The finalists of the three categories (Graduates, Students and Speechers) selected by our jury were able to present their project remotely, live on Instagram, before being decided by a public vote. Here are the winners of this 2020 edition:

1st Prize "Students" category: Alex AMDJAD - Neo-Vum

Neo-Vum is a restaurant concept offering street food inspired by recipes from all over the world. Neo-Vum is positioned in the promising segment of "Fast Casual", i.e. high-end fast-food, and aims to make a name for itself in the catering market.

1st Prize "Graduates" category: Alexia Courrault & Alice Gantheil - ATINA

Founded by two students from the 2019 class, ATINA is a brand of inspiring, colourful and affordable jewellery. ATINA's 11 limited collections correspond to 11 countries around the world that Alice and Alexia visited together or separately, and each piece of jewellery is named after a travel souvenir.

1st Prize in the "Speechers" category: Sara Graziano - Andy

As a Master student at IPAG, Sara came up with the idea of relieving the shopping experience in physical shops through a "hands-free" service enabled by a mobile application. With Andy's solution, customers can browse the shelves and make purchases on the application without being cluttered.

The top three in each category received their awards (MacBook, iPad...) at this year's small committee awards ceremony.