4 studies on family entrepreneurship in partnership with KPMG

25 Feb 2021


KPMG, in partnership with the STEP Project consortium, has just published 4 reports dedicated to family entrepreneurship, led by one of its partners and Andrea Calabro, co-director of the IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center.

The first, entitled "The courage to choose wisely", highlights the decisive role of the succession process in a family business and the virtues of succession planning.

The second, "The power of women in family business", focuses on the changing role of women, a subject that has been little studied to date. Yet women run almost 20% of family businesses worldwide. Andrea Calabrò's work therefore fills a gap in terms of their place and contribution.

In the third article, "Creating value through good governance", the authors look at the sometimes fragile balance between the interests of the ruling family and those of the company itself, identifying appropriate modes of governance.

Finally, in a family business, inheritance plays a key role since its impact is not only commercial: it has a major influence on a company's philosophy and its evolution over several generations. Andrea Calabrò and the other authors of the article "The enduring legacy of family business" asked entrepreneurs from around the world about their relationship to legacy.

IPAG is proud to contribute to the production of high quality academic research on a hitherto little-explored topic and a model that represents around 70% of businesses in Europe and more than 40% of jobs.