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Guidance and support throughout your studies


IPAG’s human scale structure lets you benefit from pedagogical and professional guidance tailored to your needs and expectations to ensure success in your future career.

A graduate mentor for

Each cohort is assigned a mentor, and business leader IPAG graduate whose mission is to provide all students with guidance and support. From your first year until your last at IPAG, your mentor will help you define you career plan as well as find a company for your internship or apprenticeship.


A teacher-coordinator for each year

From the 1st to the 5th year, each year is managed by a teacher-coordinator who is designated as students’ primary contact within the school. They visit students regularly in order to guarantee courses are running smoothly and provide pedagogical supervision. They follow-up with your studies month after month and frequently take stock of your progress, concerns and situation.

“A close link  between students and educational teams”


Student-oriented Programme directors

Programme directors monitor the academic and professional progress of all cohorts. They welcome you on IPAG campuses and build a dialogue to nurture a close link between students and educational teams.

Year after year, from your first day at IPAG to the graduation ceremony, they support students, meet class representatives and project owners, participate in business games etc…