Master in International Business & Supply Chain

Why take a Masters in International Business & Supply Chain?

This fifth-year specialism in the Grande École Programme produces professionals in international logistics and purchasing with a responsible, collaborative and circular approach to their work. By taking this course, you will master the entire supply chain at global scale, and you will be able to put forward optimised flow management solutions and implement or oversee a purchasing strategy on the international market.

What classes are included in the Masters in International Business & Supply Chain?

Core modules will raise your awareness of the ethical, societal and environmental challenges of management. As for the specialisation classes, which are also given by teacher-researchers, as well as by professionals, they will enable you to develop skills that are essential in areas such as supply chain management, international commerce, sustainable sourcing and circular economy.

    Core modules
    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Digital transformation & innovation
    • Business challenge
    • Major contemporary issues

    Specialisation modules
    • Purchasing & Supply chain management
    • International trade practices
    • Information and management systems
    • Sustainable sourcing & Purchasing
    • Circular economy
    • Management control

    Advantages of the Masters in International Business & Supply Chain at IPAG

    50% of classes are conducted in English

    In order to help you prepare to work in an international environment after graduating, half of the classes in this specialism are conducted in English and by bilingual teachers.

    Complete your course by combining work and study

    Like all master students in the Grande École Programme, you can take this course on a work-study basis, which offers an opportunity to gain more work experience. If you so wish, you have the choice between signing a "professionalisation" or apprenticeship contract with a company based in France or overseas. For students who do not take up this option, there is still a compulsory six-month final internship to be completed during the second semester.

    Obtain a double degree

    In the fifth year, you will also have the opportunity to become a "double graduate" by earning a degree from one of our partner universities in addition to the IPAG Business School. This means you can develop two areas of expertise, and bring an added international dimension to your CV, whether you go to study on the campus of the City University of New York (MSc Business Management), Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (MSc International Marketing), Napier University (MSc International Marketing or International Marketing with Tourism & Events) or University of Greenwich (MSc Finance & Investment).

    Put your knowledge into practice with business games

    As is the case each year in the Grande École Programme, you will take part in a business game to put your knowledge into practice in a fun way. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, made up of students from various specialisms, you will take on a challenge set by one of our school's partner companies, which will present you with the problem of their choice. Beyond its educational benefits, this fifth-year business game will be a chance to show what you are capable of and maybe even catch the attention of a recruiter, just months before you enter the job market.

    Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

    Under the supervision of a teacher-researcher, you will be required to write and defend a dissertation before the end of your course. This exercise will be an opportunity to build strong expertise in a subject area related to your future career. It will also demonstrate your ability to carry out in-depth research while adopting a scientific approach.

    What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in International Business & Supply Chain?

    A variety of jobs are open to holders of a masters-level degree in International Business & Supply Chain:

    • Credit manager
    • Account manager
    • Procurement manager
    • Logistics manager / Transport and logistics manager
    • International logistics officer
    • Supplier portfolio manager
    • Purchasing manager
    • International purchasing officer
    • Information system manager
    • Etc.

    How to enrol for the Masters in International Business & Supply Chain?

    This fifth-year specialism is a natural extension of the International Business & Supply Chain course in the first-year of the masters programme. It is therefore intended first and foremost for students who have developed a strong grounding in economics, international and EU law, and supply chain management.

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