Master in Digital Marketing

Why take a Masters in Digital Marketing?

Digital transformation has radically transformed traditional approaches to marketing. Online visibility, a smooth user experience and customer relationship management using digital tools are now major priorities for most companies. This means that they turn to professionals, usually from high-profile business schools, to devise, oversee and deploy their digital marketing strategies.

With this fifth-year specialism of the Grande École Programme at IPAG, you will develop marketing skills that are now essential to work in new professions in the digital realm. In addition to studying the very latest developments in e-commerce, loyalty building, e-reputation, new web trends, social media and more, you will learn how to anticipate revolutions on the horizon.

What classes are included in the Masters in Digital Marketing?

In the final year of the masters, you will continue to take core classes, while specialisation classes will help you develop the various technical skills that will make you operational upon graduation.

Core modules

• Business Ethics & CSR
• Digital transformation & innovation
• Business challenge
• Major contemporary issues

Specialisation modules

• Webmarketing
• Tools and web interface
• CRM & social networks
• Communication and media
• Digital foresight
• Digital economy

Advantages of the Masters in Digital Marketing at IPAG

You can complete your Masters in Digital Marketing by combining work and study

At IPAG Business School, the entire masters course in the Grande École Programme can be taken on a work-study basis, with a "professionalisation" contract or an apprenticeship contract. In this case, you will spend three days a week in a company and two at the school, enabling you to gain as much work experience as possible. If you do not take this option, you will complete a final internship lasting four to six months.

Obtain an international double degree

The fifth year also offers the opportunity to earn a double degree:

  • MSc in International Marketing, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow or Napier University in Edinburgh
  • MSc International Marketing with Tourism & Events with the same British university.

This overseas study period is a chance for you to develop two areas of expertise and learn to devise marketing or digital communication strategies that are suited to different cultural, economic or legal environments.

Put your knowledge into practice by taking part in business games

Business games are an integral part of teaching at IPAG. Over the course of these role-playing games lasting three to five days, you will join a team of several students and contribute to resolving a practical case with your expertise in areas such as project management, digital strategy formulation and community management.

Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

You will be required to write and defend a final dissertation at IPAG. This exercise will allow you to build in-depth knowledge in a subject area related to your future career in digital marketing.

What career paths will be open to you following a Master in Digital Marketing?

By obtaining this masters-level, state-certified degree, you will be able to work in marketing or communication, in France or abroad, in a wide variety of roles, whether for an agency or a company:

  • Community manager
  • Social media manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Web Project Manager
  • e-Business developer
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Brand content manager
  • Marketing assistant
  • Web-marketing manager
  • Digital content manager



To ensure that your career begins on the right foot, the support provided by the Career Centre from the beginning of your studies is stepped up as you approach your entry to the job market. Virtually all of the young graduates from this specialism find a job within six months after they leave IPAG.

How to enrol for the Master in Digital Marketing at IPAG?

Following a fourth year in Marketing and Business Strategy, which is devoted to marketing in general and developing further knowledge in fundamental managerial skills, you will continue your course by specialising in e-marketing.

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