Master in Business Strategy

Why take a Masters in Business Strategy?

With this fifth-year specialism in the Grande École Programme, you will learn how to produce a market study, master the principal sales techniques, understand the various distribution channels and conduct a business negotiation, among other things. In short, this final year of the course will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills currently sought by all companies looking to significantly improve their business performance.

What classes are included in Business Strategy?

With this major, you will take core classes as well as "specialisation classes" that enable all students to be operational in their chosen field by the time they graduate.

    Core modules
    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Digital transformation & innovation
    • Business challenge
    • Major contemporary issues

    Specialisation modules
    • Sales negotiation
    • Sales strategy
    • CRM and digital influence
    • Multichannel distribution
    • Financial and business indicators
    • International development

    Advantages of the Masters in Business Strategy at IPAG

    Complete your course by combining work and study Unfold all Fold all

    At IPAG, you can take this course on a work-study basis and sign either an apprenticeship contract or "professionalisation" contract. If you do not choose this option, you will still gain significant work experience by completing the compulsory internship lasting four to six months during the second semester.


    Obtain a dual degree Unfold all Fold all

    The fifth year of your course is also an opportunity to develop two areas of expertise (marketing and finance or international management) over the course of an overseas study period in the United States, Russia or the United Kingdom, which offers a chance to discover a new economic environment and earn a double degree. In total, there are five double degrees on offer at world-renowned establishments:  City University of New York, University of Greenwich, Napier University, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

    Put your knowledge into practice with business games Unfold all Fold all

    Our business games involve simulating the marketing of a product on a given market, offering you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. Over the course of several days, with students enrolled in other courses of the Grande École Programme, you will pool your skills to devise an innovative action plan and win over a panel of experts.

    Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation Unfold all Fold all

    By completing this exercise, which is compulsory for all students in the fifth year of the Grande École Programme, you will build in-depth knowledge in the field that you will choose jointly with your dissertation supervisor.

    What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in Business Strategy?

    When you graduate with your degree, you will be able to apply for various posts in France and overseas:

    • Sales manager
    • Key accounts manager
    • Project manager
    • Product manager
    • Sales director
    • Manager of a sales team
    • Sales development officer
    • Business engineer
    • International development officer
    • Negotiator
    • Regional export manager
    • Sales manager
    • Technical sales engineer

    As you approach your entry to the job market, you will benefit from additional support to ensure that you begin your career in the direction you want to be going.

    How to enrol for the Masters in Business Strategy at IPAG?

    This fifth year is open to students who have taken the Marketing and Business Strategy specialism of the Grande École Programme in the fourth year.

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