The company of Tomorrow

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The company of tomorrow

Sketching the portrait of a post-modern, agile and inclusive company and propose an inclusion approach that combines economic and social performance.

This module presents the foundations of an inclusion approach capable of combining economic and social performance on a sustainable basis. Thanks to a crossover between theoretical contributions and concrete case studies, it sketches the portrait of a post-modern enterprise: agile, reticular (digitalisation, territorial, thematic, functional, affinity and causal networks...) and inclusive. It offers a new perspective on the challenges of agility in contemporary organisations.

Delivered entirely ONLINE (delivered in real time with the speaker), this programme can be followed regardless of your geographical location.

Objectives• Understand the foundations of an inclusion approach that combines social performance and sustainable economic growth.
• Sketch the portrait of a post-modern, agile and inclusive company.


Frédéric Rossi
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The company of Tomorrow


  • 1 day

1. Introduction
• Agility and inclusion in the workplace.
• Axis :
  Axis n°1: What is a post-modern company?
  Axis n°2 : Confidence pact & inclusion strategy
  Axis n°3: towards an agile and inclusive action

2. What is a post-modern company?
• Sociological reminders: post-modernity, liquid present & "triumph of a fragile formality"
• Promises and pitfalls of "liberated companies".
• Towards an agile and inclusive enterprise

3. Trust Pact & Inclusion Strategy
• Confidence is a total social fact in companies.
• Trust in business as a pascalian bet... and strategic investment.
• Donation of trust", "proof of trust" and Maussian phenomenology (donation-versus-gift).
• The factories of trust: bricks and leverage trust
• Inclusion strategy: dialogues and responsible management.

4. Towards an agile and inclusive action
• What is an agile and inclusive action?
• Confronting the labyrinthine complexity of the world
• Trusting people and adopting a pragmatic approach to relationships.
• Going beyond the centre-periphery dialectic through network management.
• Develop an intelligence of adaptation and a pragmatic humanism.
• Adopt a distanced and reflexive posture.
• Experiencing resilience
• Giving meaning to the relationship
• Moving from co-ordination, to co-operation, to collaboration

Conclusion: Towards an Agile and Inclusive action through management of and by networks.


  • Managers of public and private companies
  • HR Directors
  • Directors/Heads of Diversity, CSR/SD, Solidarity, Inclusion
  • Referees and diversity relays
  • Union officials
  • Operational managers in the public and private sectors
  • Leaders of associations

In Short


1 day


27th February 2021

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No pre-requisites are necessary for this course.


€1 000 net *
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Dr Maria-Giuseppina BRUNA

Full Professor of Management, Director of Ethics, CSR and Social Research, IPAG Business School, Founding Director of the IPAG Chair 'Inclusive Enterprise
CSR and Business Ethics
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Teaching resources

Continuous back-and-forth between theoretical contributions, examples and case studies will allow a perspective on the issues of inclusion and agility in business, as well as an application to the functions and sectors of activity of the participants.

In addition, an exchange lunch will be organised with a key witness from the Steering Committee of the IPAG Chair "Inclusive Enterprise".

Useful Information

  • Training sessions are organised throughout the year.
  • This module is also offered as a tailor-made module that can be adjusted and adapted (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and applicants.
  • No pre-requisites are necessary for this training.