The IPAG Chair ‘Towards an Inclusive Company’ honored by the AGEFIPH

20 avr 2020

The “Handicap, Inclusion & Innovation” Program promoted by the IPAG Chair ‘Towards an Inclusive Company’ in partnership with the AGEFIPH has been selected among the 11 best innovations for the 2015-2018 term by AGEFIPH. It will be presented in a book with high circulation, edited and distributed by the AGEFIPH.

Promoted and directed by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna, Director of the Chair, with the active implication of Mr. François Bellami, consultant-researcher within the Chair, the Program articulates:

  • an interactive and participatory evaluation of an experimentation carried out in three regional delegations of the AGEFIPH, concerning the establishment of a network of tutors for employees suffering from cognitive disorders, followed by a strategic investigation on how to move towards a multidisciplinary team,
  • a from design to action and evaluation research-action program, established by the AGEFIPH and the Chair, concerning the animation of inclusive territorial networks of SMEs and SEs, to promote the inclusion of disabled people at work, and to sustain dynamization of territories, within the framework of the AGEFIPH’s new strategic offer,
  • the transmission of knowledge, tools and best practices by the members of the Chair to the AGEFIPH network during a cycle of conference around the topic “Disability, Inclusion, Agility and Diversity”.
  • This is a major national recognition of scientific excellency of the Chair and of its strategic and operational contribution to the optimization of organizational practices on the field of diversity management and inclusion.

It is a valuable proof of significant social and socio-economic impact of the Chair and a great opportunity to increase the IPAG Business School’s reputation. Congratulation to all the team’s members.