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Visuel IPAG Programme Grande Ecole Bac + 5

The Programme Grande École

IPAG Business School’s Programme Grande École is a State-accredited Master’s degree recognised by the French Higher Education Ministry. It allows students to gain international-oriented competencies in Management and strong professional experiences.

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

The Programme Grande École

The Programme Grande Ecole is articulated around 4 components that are key to your success: 

Professional Experience:

  • Up to 34 months of work experience
  • A  Career Center to define your professional project
  • An internship every year and apprenticeship available in 4th and 5th year

International Experience: 

  • 9 international double degrees
  • At least 1 year spent abroad in 3rd year
  • A strong international-orientation in every courses
  • An internship or a volunteering mission abroad

Personal Experience 

Entry Level

Admission onto the Programme Grande École at l’IPAG Business School is decided on the basis of two entrance exams: SESAME for students joining after their Baccalaureate and Ambitions+ for students having completed a 2/3 year degree. 

Internships and Apprenticeships

The Programme Grande Ecole is a professionally oriented course that will allow you to obtain between to 10 and 34 months of professional experience before the end of your studies.

Each year includes an internship or apprenticeship scheme (available from year 4)


  • Year 1 : 9 week (min.) sales internship
  • Year 2 : 8-10 week management, back office and project oversight internship
  • Year 3 : International internship or volunteering project or semester abroad
  • Year 4 : 4-6 month internship or apprenticeship throughout the year
  • Year 5 : Apprenticeship or part-time internship throughout the year 


The Apprenticeship Track: Key to Professional Development.  

IPAG places an emphasis on professional development. All Master’s degrees of the Programme Grande Ecole are compatible with an apprenticeship scheme.

Double degree

Complete 2 Master degrees in 5 years !

In 5th years, IPAG gives you an opportunity to complete 2 different degrees : a Master Programme Grande Ecole from IPAG and another master degree from one of our partner institutions abroad !

Depending on the 4th year specialisation they choose, all students can enrol in a Double Degree and spend an entire semester abroad at one of our partner institutions in the UK, Australia or USA.

Double Degrees let you develop an international, bilingual and very sought-after professional profile.


All Double Degrees: 

City University of New York, New York, USA

University of Greenwich, Londres, Royaume-Uni

University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australie

University of South Wales, Cardiff, Royaume-Uni

Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni 


IPAG’s Master Grande École is accessible to candidates in 1st, 3rd or 4th years depending on their level of studies.

1st year entry: Concours Sésame

3rd or 4th year entry: IPAG’s Master degrees are accessible to students having completed a 3rd year of study at IPAG. Non-French residents holding a foreign “BAC+3” diploma (3 years degree) or preparing to obtain it can enrol in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole via the specific international procedure (subject to the recognition of the degree they obtained).


IPAG also offers free Sesame and Ambitions+ revision courses, to help you best prepare for the exam.

If you would like to know more, please download our brochures!

Country-Specific Tracks

To enable students to better open themselves up to the world, IPAG has developed 5 Country-Specific Tracks focusing on key economic and commercial issues:

The English Track allows students to study the whole of the Programme Grande Ecole in English, throughout the 5-year course.

Open to students from their first year of study, the tracks enable students to better prepare for a career in the target market of their choice.

  • Germany Track
  • China Track
  • Brazil Track
  • Hispanic Track

Each track includes:

  • Intensive language classes
  • Economics courses focused on the country
  • Culture and civilisation modules
  • A cultural, professional or academic immersion in the country, through an internship or exchange program in the 3rd year. 

Students will choose a track when applying to IPAG. The confirmation of admission is dependent on performance in the SESAME admissions exam. Course fees remain the same.


Fees & Finance

Course Fees

On the Paris and Nice Campuses: 8 900€/year

IPAG Business School Scholarship

Each year, IPAG Business School awards a number of scholarships of up to 1 100€ per student, based on needs and attendance criteria. Applications are made at the start of the academic year, in October, to the Administration department. 

  • Open to : Any student on the Programme Grande Ecole, on any campus. 
  • Eligibility Criteria :  Needs-based, academic results, behaviour 


IPAG Family program 

  • Open to: Any student with a sibling also studying at IPAG on any course, in any year.
  • Eligibility Criteria : At least 2 students from the same family studying at IPAG at the same time


Excellence Scholarship

  • Open to: Students having obtained a Mention Bien or Très Bien (or equivalent) and/or State scholarship holder.
  • Eligibility Criteria : Mention and/or state scholarship


Valedictorian Scholarship

  • Open to: The highest achieving student in each Programme Grande Ecole year.
  • Eligibility Criteria : Academic

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