Recruiting our students and alumni

Through agility, open-mindedness and numerous field experiences in France and abroad, IPAG students develop unique professional profiles shaped for all business functions.

Conferences, company visits, career roundtables... IPAG gives you lots of opportunities to present your company to our students.
IPAG students carry out about fifty consulting missions each year. These projects are conducted free for the benefit of start-ups, SMEs and large corporations.
Marketing, finance, human resources… IPAG trains profiles for all lines of business. Its curriculums are updated each year to best match the needs of recruiters and the real-life business world.
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IPAG students and graduates do not only benefit from cutting-edge knowledge. They also stand out through their singular profile: not only agile, but also open and committed
IPAG offers multiple internship periods each year in order to respond to the specific needs of recruiters and companies. These experiences directly contribute to our students’ training.
Apprenticeship contracts provide both SMEs and large groups with the opportunity to train profiles tailored to your company’s specific needs.
Are you interested in the profiles of IPAG students? Come and meet them in our business forums. On-site or virtual, three formulas are available to you.