Frédéric Teulon

Full Professor of Economics



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Campus: Paris


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Frédéric Teulon is the Executive Head of Research and Dean of the Faculty at IPAG Business School. He holds an “aggregation” of Economics and Social Science. He is a former student of the ENS Paris-Saclay (Ecole Normale Supérieure), of IEP Paris (Institut d’Etudes Politiques) and of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He founded in 2008 the IPAG Lab (a research laboratory in economics and management). He co-founded three international conferences: IRMBAM (International Research Meeting in Business & Management), ISEFI (International Symposium on Environment & Energy Finance Issues), PFMC (Paris Financial Management Conference). He has published over 40 books and over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles on macroeconomics, finance, energy economics, and management (in journals such as Revue Economique, Management International, Economic Modelling, Journal of Energy & Development, International Economics, JIFMIM, Technological Forecasting & Social Change…). He has been a guest editor of special issues (Management & Avenir, Maghreb/Machrek, Small Business Economics).


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F. Teulon, « Un peu de respect pour la victoire de Donald Trump (et pour la démocratie) !», Parlements et Politiques Internationales, N°2, pp. 72-79, 2017.

F. Teulon, J.-M. Sahut, « Innovation and entrepreneurship », Management International, vol. 21 (2) pp. 80-85, 2017.

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F. Teulon, « Economic growth and energy transition: overview and review of the literature », Journal of Energy and Development, vol. 40 (1 and 2), pp. 247-262, 2015.

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F. Teulon, S. Gharbi, « R&D investments and high-tech firms’ stock return volatility », Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 88, pp. 306-312, 2014.


Since 2008: Director of Research and Faculty at IPAG Business School, Paris

1995-2008: Université Leonard de Vinci, La Défense

Research Areas

International Politics & Finance, Macroeconomics, Sociology & Social Problems, Corporate Social Responsibility

Teaching Areas

International Politics & Finance, Macroeconomics, Sociology & Social Problems, Corporate Social Responsibility


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