Webinar 45 minutes pour parler de RSE : Repenser le handicap entre agilité, inclusion et innovation

13:00 - 13:45


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"A free webinar offered by IPAG Business School under the aegis of the IPAG Chair "Entreprise Inclusive", to help you in your daily practice.

The "Disability, agility and managerial innovation" programme reflects the alignment of values, the convergence of views and the complementarity of approaches between AGEFIPH and the IPAG 'Inclusive Enterprise' Chair, and embraces a resolutely humanist and pragmatic approach.

It proposes a reversal of perspective in terms of the perception of disability in the workplace: it understands the socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities not only as an ethical imperative, a legal obligation and a social cohesion issue, but also as a lever for the sustainable socio-economic development of companies and territories.

Objectives of the webinar:

This webinar shows how taking disability into account at work contributes to the transformation of organisations into agile mode. Moreover, it explores the role played by innovative mechanisms developed by AGEFIPH, such as the national network of disability advisors, to support companies on the path to sustainable and inclusive growth.

More broadly, this webinar invites us to identify the keys to the renewal of the company through the encounter with otherness.

The speakers of the webinar:

  • Maria-Giuseppina BRUNA, Director of Ethics, CSR & Social Research at IPAG Business School
  • Hughes DEFOY, Director of the mobilisation of the economic and social world of AGEFIPH
  • François BELLAMI, Co-founder and President of Modus Operandi International Institute

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