Vincent Dutot

Professor of Management of Information Systems



Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris



2019 - HDR - IAE Poitiers (France)

2011 - Ph.D - Université Laval (Canada)

2006 - MBA - Université Laval (Canada)

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Vincent Dutot holds a Ph.D. from Laval University (Canada) and a HDR from IAE Poitiers (2019). His areas of research are in social media, e-reputation, IT strategy, and digital transformation, mainly for SMEs. He published in journal such as Systèmes d'Information et Management, International Journal of Information Management, The Journal of Technology Transfer, Corporate Reputation Review, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management or European Journal of Innovation Management and wrote a book on e-reputation. He serves at the reviewer for ICIS, HICSS and many IS Journals.

Active as a consultant, lecturer and trainer for nearly 15 years, he has accompanied SMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), public institutions and their leaders in the digital transformation. Finally, he is the author of four books on digital.

Dutot, V. (2020). A social identity perspective of social media's impact on satisfaction with life, Psychology and Marketing, 1-14, (CNRS, rang 3; FNEGE rang 2).

Dutot, V., Bhatiasevi, V., & Bellallahom, N. (2019). Applying the technology acceptance model in a three-countries study of smartwatch adoption, The Journal of High Technology Management Research, 30(1), 1-14,, (CNRS, rang 4; FNEGE, rang 4).

Dutot, V., Lichy, J. (2019). The role of social media in accelerating the process of acculturation to the global consumer culture: An empirical analysis, International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 15(1), 65-84 DOI: 10.4018/IJTHI.2019010105, (CNRS, rang 4; FNEGE, rang 4)

Dutot, V., Bergeron, F., Rozhkova, K., & Moreau, N. (2018). Factors Affecting the Adoption of Connected Objects in e-Health: A Mixed Methods Approach. Systèmes d'Information et Management, 23(4), 31-66 (CNRS, rang 2, FNEGE, rang 2)

Van Horne, C., Dutot, V., Castellano, S., Sosa, M., & Ahmad, L. (2017). Integrating Entrepreneurship into the design classroom: case studies from the developing World, Journal of the Knowledge Economy (CNRS, rang 4),

Dutot, V. (2017). Exploring the double influence of CEO’s management style on the development of SMEs’ corporate reputation, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 29(5), 351-374, (CNRS, rang 4; FNEGE, rang 4).

Van Horne, C. & Dutot, V. (2017) Challenges in technology transfer: an actor perspective in a quadruple helix environment, The Journal of Technology Transfer, 42(2), 285-301, DOI: 10.1007/s10961-016-9503-6 (CNRS, rang 3; FNEGE, rang 3).

Castellano, S. & Dutot, V. (2017). Investigating the influence of E-Word-of-Mouth on E-reputation, International Studies of Management & Organization, 47(1), 42-60 (CNRS, rang 3; FNEGE, rang 3).

Dutot, V. & Bergeron, F. (2016). From strategic orientation to social media orientation: improving SMEs’ performance on social media, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 23(4), 1165-1190 (CNRS, rang 4; FNEGE, rang 4).

Overall, I gave more than 100 professional conferences to CEOs and CIOs in various industries such as B2B, surfing, tourism, or accountability. Few examples below:


- AI and accountability: with Objectif Cash (150 CFOs) - 2020

- APM : AI and strategic positioning of the firm (2018 – to date) : 15 interventions per year,  for CEOs of SME worldwide

- CJD: SMEs and Digital (120 CEOs, 2020, Lyon), Social media implementation (10 CEO, 2017, Castres), Digital and e-reputation (2 days – 10 CEO, 2017, Aix en provence)

- CIC: Banking, Insurance and Digital transformation (400 commercial directors) - 2017

- Université d’été des commissaires aux comptes région Aquitaine: Social media, CDO and prospective (240) - 2017

- Tourism Bretagne: Digital and tourism (200) - 2017

- Donastia San Sebastian: Digital issues and social media (150, surfing industry) - 2016


Firms' development / Consulting

- : Définition et opérationnalisation de la stratégie digitale - 2019

- Cabinet Crowe Dupouy: Formation réseaux sociaux et expertise comptable (35 salariés) - 2019

- CG2i: Digital content strategy develpment - 2018

- Adrien Stratégie (consulting firm) – Digital content strategy development– 2017-2018

- JPColonna: Digital transformation in Insurance (process evolution, staff training and development, digital strategy) – 2016-2018 (18 million€ revenues)

Research Areas

Small Business Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, E-reputation, Social Media Adoption, Digital Transformation and Impact on Performace

Teaching Areas

Web Marketing, Google Analytics, Digital Transformation, E-entrepreneursip