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Unique experiences to develop your soft skills


Boldness, leadership, adaptability… Student life at IPAG allows you to develop essential soft skills for your future career as a manager.

IPAG X’trem: go beyond your limits

Mountaineering, survival training, skydiving… One week a year, you can choose to live out unique experiences and develop your soft skills. Facing hard conditions, you will take on new responsibilities and surpass yourself serving the collective good. An opportunity to measure your ability to take risks and adapt quickly to new situations.

Water Sports

Experience canoe-riding, sailing, building and navigating a raft or riverboarding


Learn how to control your emotions and dare try extreme sports with parachute jump, rock climbing, Via Ferrata or acro-yoga and firewalking.


Live real life-changing adventures and try to survive in real extrem conditions, high in the cold mountains of the Alps or on the coasts of Normandy, fish your own food in the middle of the sea in Britanny or experience life as a trapper.

Military Training

Learn how to show leadership in emergency and crisis situations or discover cyber-security and military decision-making processes with the Gendarms or at The French most prestigious military school of Saint-Cyr.

Back in Time

Observe wildlife and flora in France’s most remote regions, experience life in a farm or re-explore traditions, traditional arts and crafts.

Humanitarian Commitment

Each year, IPAG partners with a dozen of the most important charities in France (including Emmaüs Defi, les Petits Frères des Pauvres…) They allow students to get involved in community life, help the homeless or act-up for an international issue.

Culture and Discovery courses: explore new universes

There is no creativity without culture! We offer you many Culture and Discovery courses throughout your curriculum. Art history, geography, fashion, music, gastronomy… These openness-based courses allow you to develop your general culture and analytical skills. An undeniable asset in order to address new issues and dare to express different viewpoints. Courses are conducted with the support of such renowned institutions as the École de Condé, ESMOD or the Ritz Hotel.




History and civilisations

  • Latin civilisation
  • Philosophical views of our world
  • Introduction to the major religious traditions
  • Introduction to psychology and psychoanalysis

Art and gastronomy

  • Culinary arts
  • Gastronomy
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Art history
  • Introduction to sculpture

Music and entertainment

  • Musical play
  • Music history
  • Theatre
  • Magic
  • Circus

Communication and design

  • Fashion and design
  • DTP
  • 3D printing
  • The hidden of media
  • Big data
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