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Visuel IPAG Programme Grande Ecole Bac + 5

The Grande École Programme

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

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The Grande École Programme

Truly multidisciplinary, IPAG’s Grande École Programme allows you to develop transferable managerial skills and clear career goals. With support from our alumni and professional coaches, you’ll explore new professional worlds to help guide you toward your dream profession.

8 Master’s cycle tracks, in areas as diverse as marketing, finance, international affairs, entrepreneurship, human resources or international management.


Becoming a manager

Become a fully equipped manager in 5 years. The Grande École Programme will prepare you with the knowledge and know-how you’ll need to achieve professional success.


Become a manager


10 keys to your success

Become bilingual

  • Master up to 3 living languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese)
  • Get language-certified (TOEIC, TEOFL)
  • 5 International Tracks (China, United States, Latin America, Spain or Germany)
  • 1 American Track: A stint abroad each year at the prestigious Berkeley University


Gaining an international perspective 

  • Year 1:  Berkeley Summer Sessions
  • Year 2: Plotting a course for China
  • Year 3: A menu of international options

Finding your path

  • Personalized academic guidande
  • Professional coaching
  • A carrer center at the ready 

Challenging yourself

  • IPAG Microsoft 365 Battle
  • Honing the art of negotiation
  • IPAG Business Challenge

Discovering culture 

More than 20 Culture and Discovery programs are offered to you through IPAG. Whether you’re interested in art history or geography, drawing, musical comedy or theater....

Surpassing your limits

Climbing, horesback riding, survival training—each year, Parcours X’trem invites you to leave the confines of IPAG for a week-long plunge into a whole new universe. With your classmates at your side, you’ll take on new responsibilities and put yourself on the line for your team. During your studies, you’ll have no less than thirty Parcours X’trem to choose from.


Building your CV

  • Up to 34 months of professional experience
  • 5 internship in France or abroad
  • Optional Master's level apprenticeship

Growing your network

  • Contact the world over
  • A network for life

Getting involved 

  • More than 40 organizations on our campuses
  • Leading your own volunteer project 
  • Volunteer missions abroad

Starting your business

  • 120 companies founded by our graduates
  • An incubator in the heart of Paris
  • A prize for the best projects

The Grande École Programme is every year

Une expatriation possible ou une expérience internationale

  • 1re Année : Berkeley Summer Sessions.
  • 2ème Année : Cap vers la Chine sur notre campus partenaire de la Yunnan University.
  • 3ème Année : L'international à la carte, immergez-vous à l'étranger pendant 2 semestres dans le pays de votre choix.
  • 4ème Année : Internationalisation at home.
  • 5ème Année : Double diplôme.

Un nouveau stage spécifique ou une alternance

Jusqu'à 34 mois d'expérience professionnelle / 5 stages en France ou à l'étranger/ Alternance possible en Master

Un point complet d’orientation avec un service carrière et un coach

Un suivie pédagogique personnalisé, des coachs habilités, un career center dédié.

S’engager dans un projet associatif, sportif ou humanitaire

Plus de 40 associations sur nos campus/ Pilotez votre propre projet associatif / Réaliser des mission de volontariat à l'international.

La possibilité de créer son entreprise en rejoignant l’incubateur

120 entreprise créées par nos diplômés, un incubateur au cœur de Paris pour soutenir vos projets, une Start-Up Night récompensant les meilleures projets.

Rencontrer des entreprises et des alumni pour construire son réseau

Des contacts dans le monde entier grâce à un réseau de plus de 11 500 alumni en poste, 1diplômé sur 2 trouve son 1er emploi grâce au networking, forum métier, forum stage, etc.


Profiter d'un corps professoral d’excellence et rencontrer des personnalités de haut niveau

In year 1: Learn to communicate

Bolster your skills in argumentation and persuasion. We help develop your public speaking abilities, your self-confidence and your flair for persuasion.

Master the art of persuasion:

Persuasiveness can be acquired. By teaching you the fundamentals of public speaking and
communication, IPAG will help you become a persuasive oral and written communicator
invaluable skills for future decision-makers.


English language acting classes: 

Beat your shyness! English-speaking actors will put you on stage to learn the art of public
speaking. You’ll work on your physical presentation, voice control, and ability to react
and listen to others, all while improving your English.


Your 1st Business Game:

Each year, all first-year students participate in the IPAG Business Challenge on the Nice campus. The goal is to promote and market a partner company’s product during a fair your team will organise. This weeklong team challenge is sure to put your leadership skills to the test!

1er année pge EN



In year 2: Learn to manage a project

You know how to communicate, now activate project mode! The goal: to
develop your team work and organizational skills.


Advise a company

Manage your own consulting project! Working with 4th-year students, you’ll advise a developing
company in your chosen sector: marketing, retail, human resources, and so on. It’s a hands-on way to develop your listening and analytical skills.


Start your own club

Do you have a passion or original idea? Make your ideas a reality at IPAG by creating a student organization. Whether it be a sports team, or a charity or cultural organization, the possibilities are endless and will enable you to develop your leadership while working on a project that matters to you.


In a manager's shoes

After the IPAG Business Challenge in the 1st year, IPAG has a second business game challenge in store for you. You’ll take on a real-life business case study to implement the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout the year. After a few days of group work, you’ll present your findings to a panel of experts.

2e année pge EN


In year 3: Discover the world abroad

Go forth! The 3rd year affords the opportunity to spend a semester or a whole year abroad. A chance to experience new cultures and meet new people.

3e année pge E


Live abroad

Whatever your background, we offer you the chance to go abroad. If you were at IPAG in Year
2, you can live abroad for 2 semesters. If you transferred to IPAG later, we’ll boost your English
skills before sending you off to the country of your choice in the 2nd semester.


Partnerships all over the world 

Take off for Brazil, the United States, Indonesia, South Africa, China or Finland. IPAG’s network of
129 partner universities extends to 34 countries.

3e année pge 2 EN


The Master's Cycle

Create your own programme. The 2-year Master’s cycle allows you to get personalized instruction to prepare you for the sector of your choice.


Common curriculum

Master EN

Professional experience

professional experience


Personalize your curriculum

8 majeurs EN

All Master’s


Dual Degrees

Complete 2 Master’s degrees in only 5 years !

In your 5th and final year, IPAG lets you complete a second master’s degree from one of its partner insitutions and leave school with 2 degrees from 2 different schools in 2 different countries ! 

Available Dual Degrees depend on your 5th year major from IPAG’s Grande Ecole Programme.

Dual Degrees are a priceless opportunity for you to spend an entire semester at one of our partner universities in the United Kingdom, USA or Australia : the best way for you to develop a perfectly international, bilingual and very sought-after professional profile.


All Dual Degrees :

City University of New York, New York, USA

University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia

University of South Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

University of Economics, Plekhanov, Russia


Internships and Apprenticeships

The Grande Ecole Programme is a professionally oriented course that will allow you to obtain up to 34 months of professional experience before the end of your studies. 

Each year includes an internship or apprenticeship scheme (available from year 4)

  • Year 1: 9 week (min.) sales internship
  • Year 2: 8-10 week startup internship
  • Year 3: International internship or volunteering project or semester abroad
  • Year 4: 4-6 month internship or apprenticeship throughout the year
  • Year 5: Apprenticeship or part-time internship throughout the year  

The Apprenticeship Track: Key to Professional Development

IPAG places an emphasis on professional development. All Grande Ecole Programme Master’s degrees are compatible with an apprenticeship scheme.

Country-Specific Tracks

Want to work abroad? You’ll need to undertake a rigorous course of language study, one of the foundations of our curriculum.

Master up to 3 modern languages 

English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese, the Grande École Programme allows you to study up to 3 modern languages at an advanced level. To develop your ability to function in multicultural environments, it puts special emphasis on the language of Shakespeare: nearly 30% of our management courses are taught in English by native speakers.


5 International Tracks

If you dream of working in China, the United States, Latin America, Spain or Germany, IPAG’s International Tracks are just for you. Available beginning in the first year, these international- focused programmes enable you to learn the language of the country of your dreams while getting acquainted with its history, culture and economy. 


American Track: A stint abroad each year

Is your outlook strongly international? Want to take advantage of professional opportunities all over the world, including studying at the Berkeley and Kunming campuses in China? Opt for IPAG’s American Track. This special track allows you to complete the Grande École Programme which is entirely taught in English, while rubbing shoulders with students of over 30 different nationalities. Beginning in the 1st year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a summer session at the prestigious University of California-Berkeley.

Admissions and Entry Level


sesame  ambitions+

IPAG’s Grande École Master is accessible to candidates in the 1st, 3rd or 4th years depending on their level of studies.

1st year entry: Concours Sésame

3rd or 4th year entry: IPAG’s Master degrees are accessible to students having completed a 3rd year of study at IPAG. Non-French residents holding a foreign “BAC+3” diploma (3 years degree) or preparing to obtain it can enrol in IPAG’s Grande Ecole Programme via the specific international procedure (subject to the recognition of the degree they obtained).

IPAG also offers free Sesame and Ambitions+ revision courses, to help you best prepare for the exam.


Entry Level

Admission onto the Grande École Programme at l’IPAG Business School is decided on the basis of two entrance exams: SESAME for students joining after their Baccalaureate and Ambitions+ for students having completed a 2/3 year degree.

Course Fees

On the Paris and Nice Campuses: €10,000 euros/year for 2020 September intake

IPAG Business School Scholarship

Each year, IPAG Business School awards a number of scholarships of up to €1,100 per student, based on needs and attendance criteria. Applications are made at the start of the academic year, in October, to the Administration department. 

  • Open to: Any student on the Grande École Programme, on any campus. 
  • Eligibility Criteria:  Needs-based, academic results, behaviour 


IPAG Family programme

  • Open to: Any student with a sibling also studying at IPAG on any course, in any year.
  • Eligibility Criteria: At least 2 students from the same family studying at IPAG at the same time


Excellence Scholarship

  • Open to: Students having obtained a Mention Bien or Très Bien (or equivalent) and/or State scholarship holder.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Mention and/or CROUS (state) scholarship


Valedictorian Scholarship

  • Open to: The highest achieving student in each Grande École Programme year.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Academic

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