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Summer Programme

Programme structure
4 weeks

Course Structure

The IPAG Summer Courses are short courses allowing you to gain extra ECTS credits counting towards your main degree. They enable students to gain more in-depth knowledge of management and to widen their skillset during a month in the summer.

The IPAG Summer Programme is open to students and professionals that want to develop their knowledge and skills. 2 specialisations in English are available: Business Strategy and Luxury Brand Management. Each specialisation is taught over 36 hours in a month and is worth 6 ECTS credits. Summer programmes enable students to expand their cultural horizons in a diverse cohort with a number of nationalities represented and cultural visits organised in Paris and on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur).

To enable students to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, the IPAG Summer Programme focuses on the teaching of innovative managerial and marketing skills. The modules are taught through a variety of debates, group activities, and case studies for a more dynamic, entertaining, and involved learning experience.


The Summer Programme has two modules:

Business Strategy (in English)  - 6 ECTS


  • Understand and analyze the problems in defining and implementing a strategy.
  • Appreciate the contribution of different stakeholder groups to strategic decisions.
  • Evaluate the strategic capabilities of an organization and its ability to innovate.
  • Decode the identity of an organization and analyze the components of a corporate culture.


  • Analyze a sector of activity and appraise its potential.
  • Apply analytical tools to define the position of a company and to evaluate opportunities.
  • Perform a global diagnosis of a company, its growth potential and abilities to adapt to change.
  • Define a strategic plan of action and anticipate implementation issues.


Luxury Brand Management (in English)   - 6 ECTS


  • The concept of Luxury. (the different approaches for a definition of luxury)
  • Specifics of the Luxury Industry.
  • The Luxury clients.
  • The Major Luxury sectors.
  • Identify the Luxury Marketing tools.
  • International distribution systems.


  • Understand the different steps of a Luxury Mix Marketing plan.
  • Build a Luxury Customer Experience.
  • Analyse what a Luxury Brand must do to stay relevant.

Entry Level and Admission process

Entry Level 

The IPAG Summer Programme is open to students having completed 1 year  of higher education or professional studies.

Admissions process

Application online


Course Fees

€2,200€ covering:

  • Course fees
  • Course materials
  • Cultural activities and visits
  • Transportation
  • A €200 discount per person is available to groups of 5 students or more from the same university.


Around €600 for accommodation (shared flat for 4 weeks, close to the school)