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Master of Science degrees (MSc)

The IPAG MSc degrees are taught exclusively or essentially in English and are aimed at students who have a clearly defined career plan. The degrees are internationally recognised and focused on areas with high demands for talent.

Developed with a clear professional focus, MScs at IPAG aim to equip students with a inquisitive and innovative mind, capable of reflecting on the evolutions of companies. Students undertake a 6-month internship in their 5th year to apply the knowledge learned and simultaneously write an end of studies dissertation.

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Programme structure
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Course Structure

The MSc teaching is structured around 3 key elements that are essential to developing a profile that is adapted to tomorrow’s international and diverse business environment.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness is pervasive in all MSc modules, in management or negotiation, as well as business development. Students learn the cultural specificities that will allow them to better negotiate with foreign counterparts or to collaborate effectively within a multicultural team.

Professional Experience

A 6-month internship is undertaken at the end of the course, allowing MSc students to apply their knowledge to become ready to start their career.


The course and its teaching is constantly evolving thanks to new research that is undertaken by the faculty. It allows students to explore business management from a different perspective and gain a wider vision of their chose specialisation. They will thus be able to help their company evolve and optimise its operations.

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Admissions and Entry Level


Admissions are made online and decisions are made on the basis of grades and achievements.

The MSc admissions is a 2-step process:

  • Review of the student’s degree, CV and cover letter.
  • English Interview

For non-Anglophone students, MScs taught in English are open to candidates with a minimum score of 550 in the written TOEFL, 80 in the online TOEFT of a score of 6.0 on the IELTS.


Entry Level

The IPAG MSc is accessible to students holding a bac+3/ 3 year level (MSc in 24 months) or a bac+4/ 4 year level (MSc in 18 months)

Internships and Apprenticeships

IPAG MScs are vocational programmes that enable students to gain 6 months of professional experience through an end of year internship, whatever their chosen specialisation.

Fees and Finance

Course fees


  • IBMP Programme (1st year of M.Sc. available from 3-year degree) : 8.000€
  • M.Sc. in English (5-year Degree available from 4-year degree) on Nice Campus : 12.000€
  • M.Sc. in French (5-year Degree available from 4-year degree) on Paris Campus : 10.000€


Merit based scholarship :

The best candidates can be granted an IPAG Merit Based Scholarship.
Scholarship can reach up to €2,000 depending on the excellence of your profile.

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