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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

Course Structure

The IPAG MBAs are available in English or in French, and are tailored for students and professionals that want to gain specialised knowledge in a particular area to give momentum to their careers abroad.

They are open to students who have acquired generalist knowledge in the field of sales, management, and business administration. An end of year internship will enable you to put the knowledge gained on the course into practice.

All the IPAG MBAs are structured around core modules with specialist subjects; the course covers Management, Communication, Negotiation, Corporate Strategy, Digital Transformation and Ethics.

The MBA is focused on teaching innovative managerial competencies required to work abroad.

Developed in partnership with management professors and working professionals, the MBA syllabuses are built around scientific theory and practical experience.

These two methods enable the faculty to best identify the key areas of each subject, that are subject to change and to offer the most up to date innovative teaching.

The IPAG MBA covers team managements and project coordination in a multicultural and international environment.

The objective is to allow graduates to use their specialist knowledge across the world and to enable their company to develop and expand into foreign markets.


Entry Level and Admission process

Entry Level

  • The IPAG MBA is accessible to students holding a bac+3/ 3 year level (MBA in 24 months) or a bac+4/ 4 year level (MBA in 12 months)
  • IPAG's MBA programmes are open to students with at least 3 years of professional experience.
  • For non-Francophone students, MBAs taught in French require a B2 language level.
  • For non-Anglophone students, MBAs taught in English are open to candidates with a minimum score of 550 in the written TOEFL, 80 in the online TOEFT of a score of 6.0 on the IELTS.

Admissions process

Admissions are made online and decisions are made on the basis of grades and achievements.

The MBA admissions is a 2-step process :

  • Review of the student’s degree, CV and cover letter.
  • Interview (in English or French depending on the MBA)





IPAG MBAs are vocational programs that enable students to undertake 6 months of work experience in their final year, whatever their specialisation.

All MBA Degrees

MBAs in French

  • MBA in Management of Cultural Activities
    Course : Marketing Digital, Propriété intellectuelle, Droit et Fiscalité, Industries culturelles & Industries créatives, Le Beau dans la Création et l'Innovation.
  • MBA in Project Management
    Course : Gestion financière et Gestion des risques internationaux, Vente et Négociation, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Pilotage de la performance.

  • MBA in New Technologies of Information & Communication
    Course : Communication (avancé), Droit des NTIC, Webmarketing 1, NTIC (Grands Principes).

  • MBA in Finance
    Course : Marchés financiers : fondamentaux et méthodes, Évaluation d'entreprise, Contrôle de Gestion, Contrôle de Gestion : pilotage stratégique et mesure de la performance.

  • MBA in Fashion & Art Management
    Course : Marque, stratégie et relation client, Design Thinking & Innovation, Stratégie de distribution dans le Luxe (cf Luxury e-tail & retail -English MBA), Le Beau dans la Création et l'Innovation.

MBAs in English

Fees and Finance

Course Fees

MBA in French

  • In 12 months : 10 000€
  • In 24 months : 18 000€

MBA in English

  • In 12 months : 10 000€
  • In 24 months : 18 000€

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