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Executive MBA in China

5 year degree
Programme structure
Part time

Executive MBA in China

IPAG Business School, with a 15-years’ experience of running successful MBA programs, prepares our students according to the current needs of the employers. These programs also match with IPAG's strategy both in France and in China, namely to stay close to the industry and respond to the educational needs of high-level executives, thus contributing to the quality of management and a better understanding of a changing and challenging environment in the country, in our case, in China.

Our philosophy is to keep improving the program according to the highest international standards, the requirements of the local market in China, and the continued feedbacks from our students. To deliver its EMBA programs in China, IPAG cooperates with Euclid University, the only global and multi-disciplinary treaty-based institution. Via this cooperation, EMBA students to top-up their program with a EUCLID MBA degree.


The curriculum structure may be adapted to the orientation of the EMBA programme:

Functional orientation – focuses on given core metiers in corporations

  • Strategic management
  • Leadership

Sectorial orientation – focuses on a given industry

  • Capital Management
  • Luxury
  • Investment

Our faculty members are either PhD holders involved in academic research in their field of expertise, or professor with relevant postgraduate degree who benefit from a rich and successful professional experience and are involved in corporate consultancy. Our MBA teaching faculty is multinational and diverse so that develop unique and innovative pedagogical methods, while capitalizing with the over 50-years old academic tradition of IPAG Business School.

Our programs focus on the development of the ability to apply critically theories and concepts to practical situations while comprehending these management tools from the wider context of IPAG’s EMBA programs. The main purpose of our EMBA programs is to help our students enhance their strategic thinking and innovation skills and prepare for leadership in their own personal context.



Raphael Lissillour – Programme Director