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Bachelor’s Degrees

The IPAG Bachelor’s Degrees are practical and internationally focused courses. The syllabuses and course structures are continually improved through regular feedback from our 800 partner companies. They have a strong cross-border dimension. Languages are part of the core modules and most tracks allow students to study or undertake an internship abroad.

To combine theoretical and practical knowledge, IPAG courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers and professionals with first hand experience of industry.

In Nice, students can gain a 2-year official BTS qualification.

3 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

Course Structure

The teaching at IPAG is based around the acquiring of experience of every position and role in the student’s chosen industry. Over the years, students progress towards more qualified and experienced roles, in a step by step process.

Each year includes and internship.

Year 1

On-site management internship focusing on field management.

Year 2

Back office internship

Year 3

In depth specialisation of a chosen area

Students can undertake an international exchange on the IPAG partner campuses in Kunming (China) or Los Angeles (USA).


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    Admissions and Entry Level


    Admissions are made online and decisions are made on the basis of grades and achievements.

    The Bachelor’s admissions is a 3-step process:

    • Review of the student’s reports from the last 2 years, as well as his baccalaureate grades or previous exam grades, CV and cover letter.
    • Logic, English, and General Culture exams (30 minutes, coefficient 4)
    • Interview (30 minutes, coefficient 6)


    Entry Level

    • The Bachelor’s program is open to students commencing their 1st year and who have obtained their baccalaureate.
    • An admission in 2nd or 3rd year is possible, depending on the course and campus.

    Internships and Apprenticeships

    IPAG Bachelor’s degrees are vocational courses that allow students to undertake between 4 and 12 months of professional experience.

    Each year is complemented by an internship that allows students to put theoretical knowledge into practice.


    Depending on the Bachelor’s degree chosen, IPAG offers 2 different options:

    • An apprenticeship scheme in the first 2 years followed by an internship in the 3rd year.
    • An internship every year, in France or abroad.

    Fees and Finance

    Course Fees

    Paris Campus:

    • 7 100 euros/year and 8 900 euros for a 3rd year abroad

    Nice Campus :

    • 5 500 euros/year and 6 000 euros in the 3rd year

    If students undertake an apprenticeship scheme, course fees are paid for by their employer.


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    What to do after graduation?

    After graduating from a Bachelor, graduates may pursue their studies at IPAG by:

    IPAG provides Bachelor graduates with individual training sessions and coaching to help them prepare for the entrance exam.