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An internship each year


Your curriculum at IPAG lets you complete numerous internships, which allow you to gain rich work experience and get yourself an outstanding profile for recruiters.

Experiences to find your calling

As true immersions in the professional world, internships are priceless opportunities to apply your knowledge in real-life situations, in a line of work of your choice. Through the diversity of experiences, you learn to know yourself better and to identify potential career paths. Your project takes shape, your network broadens.


Become a fulfilled manager

With an internship each year, in France and abroad, IPAG makes it possible for you to develop a complete managerial profile. You learn to communicate, generate team spirit, operate in an international environment, propose innovative solutions and acquire a large range of other essential skills. These highly professionalising field experiences bring added value to your CV. They also allow you to be fully equipped in order to reinvent yourself throughout your career.



Up to 34

Months of work experience throughout your studies


Finding an internship: a coaching for all students

Do you need advice, to have your CV and cover letter proofread, to prepare for one of our recruitment forums? The school’s Career Center is here to help you. Throughout your curriculum, it assists you in finding internships and work experiences in order to let you gradually build your career. 





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