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Short Courses

Through its short course offering, IPAG Executive Education offers tailor-made teaching that will meet all your demands and expectations. In 1 to 3 days, the IPAG short courses will enable you to acquire key competencies in a specific area to give momentum to your career.

IPAG Business School short courses are Datadock certified.

2 year degree
Programme structure
Up to 3 days

Course Structure

Through tailor-made specialised courses, IPAG enables you to acquire and put into practice a new skill or competency that will be key in attaining you professional goals.

The IPAG Executive Education courses cover a range of key business management topics:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Finance & Management
  • Negotiation & Customer Management
  • Marketing & New Technologies
  • Personal Development & Well being
  • Human Resources & Law


The IPAG Executive Education short courses are taught by experts in each area. The teaching of these key competencies is achieved by knowledge sharing based on theory and practical experience, as well as a concrete application of the material. Each student benefits from personalised coaching.


Teaching modules include:

  • Theoretical knowledge and practical examples
  • Role playing and simulations
  • Experience sharing
  • Individual and group work
  • E-learning
  • Individual assessments


Entry level

The short courses are open to all without prerequisites. They are aimed at working professionals or those who are changing careers.

Admission form submitted online.

The application form must be downloaded, filled in and sent back to

For more information, please contact


Fees and Finance

IPAG Executive Education Programmes can be financed directly by your employer through a company-learning plan.

It is also possible to finance these courses personally.