M.Sc. in Human Resource Management double degree

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

The M.Sc. in Human Resource Management double degree is open to students commencing their 5th year of the Programme Grande Ecole at IPAG who studied the Master’s in Finance, Audit, and Controlling. It enables students to obtain two degrees in one year: the IPAG Master’s Degree and a Master’s degree from the University of Newcastle. The first semester is spent at the IPAG campus in Paris and the second semester in Newcastle, Australia.


The M.Sc. in Human Resource Management double degree enables students having studied French human resource management in their 4th year to apply their knowledge to an international context. The course is taught both in France and in an English-speaking country with a particular focus on Asia-Pacific. It further exposes students to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by focusing on diversity and uncertainty management to train managers able to work with multicultural team and boost international development.

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How to Apply

Students can enter IPAG’s 5th year majors after completion of the 4th year of IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole.

To enroll in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole, candidates who do not hold a French degree need to complete an online application in English. Please visit the dedicated page.

Candidates who hold a French degree may enter Programme Grande Ecole directly in year 3 or 4 via the entrance exam Ambitions +.


Course Structure

The M.Sc. in Human Resource Management double degree includes:

  • 2 electives: Australian e-challenge and Team Building
  • An in-depth study of Asia-Pacific and Anglo-Saxon cultural specificities
  • A number of company visits and field trips


Career Prospects

-International Talent Manager

-ERS Project Manager

-Internal Communication Manager


-Restructuring Manager