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Master's in Marketing, Communication & Sales

4 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

The Master’s in Marketing, Communication & Sales is open to students commencing their 4th year of the Programme Grande École at IPAG Business School through the Ambitions + entrance exam.

It explores all aspects of marketing in an international context that is highly disrupted by digital transformation.


The Master’s in Marketing, Communication & Sales has a multidisciplinary approach. Il enables students to acquire key competencies in marketing, sales, and communication ensuring graduates are versatile and highly innovative.


brochure programme grande école


How to Apply

Students can enter IPAG’s Masters after completion of the 3rd year of IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole.

To enroll in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole, candidates who do not hold a French degree need to complete an online application in English. Please visit the dedicated page.

Candidates who hold a French degree may enter Programme Grande Ecole directly in year 3 or 4 via the entrance exam Ambitions +.



Course Structure

The Master’s in Marketing, Communication & Sales includes:

  • A 4-6 month internship, in France or abroad
  • Individual career coaching
  • Gaining in depth knowledge of sales techniques, project management, and communication
  • Managing a volunteering project


10 electives to gain an in-depth knowledge of a particular domain:

  • The Luxury Sector
  • Financial Markets – Financial Theory and Applications
  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Geopolitics
  • Economics of Information Technology
  • Sports Management
  • The Tourism Sector
  • Business Ethics and Performance
  • Mass Retai
  • Economics and Healthcare

In the 4th year of the Programme Grande Ecole, you will manage a student volunteering project from inception to completion. This will enable you to put the management skills you will have acquired into practice and develop soft skills.