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Master of Science ( M.Sc. ) in Project Management

The M.Sc. in Project Management is open to students holding a 4-year degree. Students holding a 3-year degree will be able to study the M.Sc. over 24 months. The course trains versatile project and team leaders that are capable of excelling in a wide variety of sectors.

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The M.Sc. in Project Management allows students to acquire an in depth understanding of detailed planning, logistics and personnel management. It also covers marketing and business development techniques, allowing students to better assess business opportunities and to visualise the projects they manage with an international mind-set.



  • In 5th year for students having completed a 4-year degree.
  • In 4th year for students having completed a 3-year degree.


Course Structure

The M.Sc. in Project Management includes:

  • A course syllabus written with the help of industry professionals.
  • A number of industry and business trips.
  • A 6-month internship, in France or abroad
  • 20% of modules taught in English


Career Prospects

  • Project manager
  • Business developer
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager
  • Sourcing manager