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Master of Marketing double degree

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time

The Master of Marketing double degree is open to students commencing their 5th year of the Programme Grande Ecole at IPAG who studied the Master’s in Marketing, Communication, and Sales. It enables students to obtain two degrees in one year : the IPAG Master’s Degree and a Master’s degree from the University of Newcastle. The first semester is spent at the IPAG campus in Nice and the second semester at Newcastle in Australia.


The Master of Marketing double degree equips students with all the competencies and skills required to define a company’s marketing strategy. It enables students to discover all aspects of international marketing and gain a solid grounding in consumer behaviour in different markets. It aims to train future project managers in strategic marketing or operational marketing in businesses keen to expand into foreign markets.

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How to Apply

Students can enter IPAG’s 5th year majors after completion of the 4th year of IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole.

To enroll in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole, candidates who do not hold a French degree need to complete an online application in English. Please visit the dedicated page.

Candidates who hold a French degree may enter Programme Grande Ecole directly in year 3 or 4 via the entrance exam Ambitions +.



Course Structure

The Master of Marketing double degree includes:

  • A detailed study of both AsiaPacific and Anglo-Saxon markets.
  • A number of company visits and field trips


Career Prospects

  • International Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Media Planning Manager
  • Real Estate Marketing Specialist 
  • Key Account Marketing Manager