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Marketing Business to Consumer 5th year Major

The Marketing B to C Major is open to students in their 5th year of the Programme Grande Ecole at IPAG Business School who studied the Master’s in Marketing – Communication – Sales. It prepares students for a career in Operational Marketing and Supply in all sectors.

5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Marketing B to C Major enables students to control the whole commercialisation process. It focuses on marketing, communication, and sales. Students gain an in depth knowledge of strategic brand and product management. They become experts in supply networks, sales techniques, and communication.


brochure programme grande école


How to Apply

Students can enter IPAG’s 5th year majors after completion of the 4th year of IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole.

To enroll in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole, candidates who do not hold a French degree need to complete an online application in English. Please visit the dedicated page.

Candidates who hold a French degree may enter Programme Grande Ecole directly in year 3 or 4 via the entrance exam Ambitions +.


Course Structure

The Marketing B to C Major includes:

  • Individual career coaching
  • A pratical approach to real life case studies
  • An internship (min. 16 weeks)
  • A number of opportunities to develop a strong professional network through corporate events
  • CAM, Digital Marketing, and Communication courses for a full understanding of marketing.


Career Prospects

    •    Product Manager
    •    Studies Manager
    •    Event Project Manager
    •    Trade Marketer or Category Manager
    •    Media Manager
    •    Community Manager
    •    Social Media Manager
    •    Digital Brand Manager
    •    e-CRM Manager
    •    Sales Manager