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Digital Marketing & Communication 5th year Major

The Digital Marketing & Communication Major is open to students in their 5th year of the Programme Grande Ecole at IPAG Business School who studied the Master’s in Marketing – Communication – Sales. It covers the digital transformation that marketing and communication are undergoing, focusing on both its present and future states.


5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Digital Marketing & Communication Major allows students to master the two most important success factors of a company’s development: marketing and communication. It aims to teach current competencies based on the latest CRM techniques, digital project management, CAM and social media communication.


Course Structure

The Digital Marketing & Communication Major includes:

  • Individual career coaching
  • An internship (min. 16 weeks)
  • Business English classes, focused on digital marketing strategy.
  • A course on the evolution of digital technologies to better understand today’s marketing and to anticipate its future changes.


  • 2 certifications:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics IQ


Career Prospects

-Digital project manager

-Community manager

-Social media manager

-Digital brand manager



-e-CRM manager

-Events manager

-Agency client executive

50% graduates get hired by major companies