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Digital Marketing & Communication 5th year Major

The Digital Marketing & Communication Major is open to students in their 5th year of the Programme Grande Ecole at IPAG Business School who studied the Master’s in Marketing – Communication – Sales. It covers the digital transformation that marketing and communication are undergoing, focusing on both its present and future states.


5 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Digital Marketing & Communication Major allows students to master the two most important success factors of a company’s development: marketing and communication. It aims to teach current competencies based on the latest CRM techniques, digital project management, CAM and social media communication.


How to Apply

Students can enter IPAG’s 5th year majors after completion of the 4th year of IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole.

To enroll in IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole, candidates who do not hold a French degree need to complete an online application in English. Please visit the dedicated page.

Candidates who hold a French degree may enter Programme Grande Ecole directly in year 3 or 4 via the entrance exam Ambitions +.


Course Structure

The Digital Marketing & Communication Major includes:

  • Individual career coaching
  • An internship (min. 16 weeks)
  • Business English classes, focused on digital marketing strategy.
  • A course on the evolution of digital technologies to better understand today’s marketing and to anticipate its future changes.


  • 2 certifications:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics IQ


Career Prospects

-Digital project manager

-Community manager

-Social media manager

-Digital brand manager



-e-CRM manager

-Events manager

-Agency client executive