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Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication

The Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication is open to students commencing their 1st year and who have obtained their baccalaureate. It prepares students for a career in digital project management and digital communication.

3 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication includes an in depth study of webmarketing and enables students to learn how to devise a sales strategy through the analysis of consumer needs and behaviours. Students will also develop key competencies in digital communication strategy and communication campaign management.

Student learn to develop sales performance online through website and data analysis as well as search engine optimisation (SEO).



  • In 1st year on the Paris or Nice Campus
  • In 2nd year on the Paris Campus
  • In 3rd year on the Paris or Nice Campus


Course Structure

The Bachelor’s in Marketing & Digital Communication includes:

  • An international exchange for students on the Paris campus
  • An internship every year
  • A in depth study of communication techniques and methods
  • English, Spanish, and Chinese courses on the Paris campus
  • English and Russian or Chinese courses on the Nice campus

Career Prospects 

  • Community manager
  • Traffic manager
  • Web project manager
  • Media project manager
  • Media planner
  • Advertising and events manager
  • Webmarketing manager
  • E-commerce manager