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Bachelor's Degree in International Trade

The Bachelor in International Trade is open to students commencing their 1st year and who have obtained their baccalaureate. It prepares students for a career in importing/exporting involving international markets The Bachelor allows students to obtain a double-degree from one of two prestigious UK universities: the University of South Wales and Nottingham Business School.

3 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Bachelor’s in International Trade enables students to acquire key competencies in importing, purchasing, and sales management in a multicultural environment. The course covers business development with international partners, international marketing strategies, logistics, and administrative management. These competencies are invaluable for success in their chosen careers, in France or abroad.



  • In 1st year on the Nice Campus
  • In 3rd year on the Nice Campus


Course Structure

The Bachelor’s in International Trade includes:

  • A 2-year state recognised BTS Degree in International Trade
  • A 3rd year with an International Trade specialisation
  • The opportunity to undertake 3 internships, including 2 abroad
  • English courses along with Russian or Chinese electives
  • A course syllabus written with the help of the French international trade association (CCE)
  • The opportunity to obtain a Bachelor (Hons) through a double degree, with the 3rd year of the Bachelor spent at the University of South Wales or Nottingham Business School.


Career Prospects

  • International client portfolio manager
  • Import - export sales manager
  • Purchaser
  • Logistics and purchasing assistant
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