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Bachelor's Degree in Accounting & Human Resources

The Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Human Resources is open to students commencing their 1st year and who have obtained their baccalaureate. It focuses on administrative management, human resources, and accounting and financial processes necessary to company operations.  

3 year degree
Programme structure
Full time


The Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Human Resources enables students to study the issues raised by financial management. The course focuses on auditing and finance to train managers able to fully support strategic operations. From Employment Law to internal communication and talent acquisition and mobility within organisations, graduates will possess all relevant competencies to devise an optimal administration and human resource plan.


vignette ombre Bachelor




    • In 1st year on the Nice Campus
    • In 3rd year on the Nice Campus


    Course Structure

    The Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Human Resources includes:

    • An internship each year
    • A 2-year state recognised BTS Degree in Accounting and Management
    • English courses along with Russian or Chinese electives
    • Obtaining a dual competency in financial and human resource management


    Career Prospects 

    • Payroll manager
    • Accounting manager
    • Human resources manager
    • Sales accountant
    • Chartered accountant consultancy assistant
    • Treasurer
    • Customer/Supplier account manager
    • Investments accounting manager


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