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Our mission, our values


To educate managers for fast changing worldwide environments and to produce quality research with national and international visibility.

To this end IPAG aspires to:

  • Educate graduates with a strong social responsibility and ethical awareness built on a solid academic base and a specialization. The school encourages diversity to create agile and cross-functional managers. The school contributes to the business community through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Anchor itself in its territory and economy but with global reach and an international outlook.
  • Produce research to enrich pedagogy and create knowledge for society and business.

Our values


We provide each student with the knowledge and know-how they will need to evolve and constantly reinvent themselves throughout their lives. Agility is an essential component of IPAG’s pedagogy. In order to promptly respond to the needs of recruiters, we maintain close relationships with more than 800 partner companies.


We support a responsible vision of management through commitment. We encourage students to involve themselves in meaningful projects, which are sources of sustainable benefits for society. Corporate Social Responsibility also is a key part of our research policy.


Our curriculums are built on an ambitious research policy and putting key emphasis on fieldwork experience. They are supervised by a high-profile faculty made up of both researchers and business professionals.


Our multidisciplinary curriculums enable students to think beyond established frameworks and restrictions. They are strongly internationally oriented and taught on campuses where more than 80 different nationalities meet: each IPAG student has the opportunity to have several experiences abroad.



Ethics & CSR policy

IPAG’s Ethics and CSR policy is built on a holistic approach and reflects the commitment of the entire faculty. It echoes the foundational values of our business and management school. Learn more about our Ethics and CSR Charter.
Consult our ethics & CSR report