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Learning Lab

Eager to reflect on educational changes and to support students and teachers alike, IPAG Business School has launched its Learning Lab in September 2018. Composed of seven members, spread over our two campuses of Paris and Nice, and led by Vincent Dutot (associate professor in Information Systems), the Learning Lab is today at the heart of educational transformation.


Learning Lab beliefs

The Learning Lab and its members, it is above all a set of expertise in the service of pedagogical innovation (PI), driven by strong beliefs:

  • Technology is a support and not an end: that means that educational innovation does not exclusively mean technology, but a change in pedagogical habits. This change may or may not be carried by technological tools;
  • The real need to reconcile the academic requirements and the reality of IPAG Business School student learning methods: this new generation of students is less attentive and traditional methods of pedagogy do not seem to suit them. It is therefore essential for our institution to develop a structure where these issues are addressed;
  • That nothing can happen without a full commitment and the entire organization. From top management to students, through heads of department, academic coordinators and professors, all reflect together on what will be the pedagogy of tomorrow.


The current missions of the Learning Lab

The missions of the Learning Lab are today:

  • Being the point of reference for educational and digital innovations within the school:
    • By offering training sessions on new educational tools;
    • By becoming a laboratory of experience of educational innovations;
  • Being the relay of educational trends within the school:
    • Ensuring continuous monitoring of PI;
    • Joining PI groups at the national level;
  • Being the strategic support of the institution in valuing PI expertise:
    • Being force of proposal of the policies of educational innovations;
    • Recognizing the value of IP at all levels of the organization.



For more information on the subject and to learn more about the trainings, contact Vincent Dutot ( or Natacha Bradier (digital coordinator -