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Meet your future employer


Recruitment forums, career roundtables, business challenges… IPAG organises frequent meetings with recruiters to guarantee your career success.

Participate in yearly recruitment forums

Each year, hundreds of recruiters visit IPAG, meet our students and offer them internships, apprenticeships or full time positions. From IPAG Career Day – IPAG’s renowned recruitment forum – to our job dating sessions and virtual forums, IPAG expands your network with both major groups and start-up companies with a shared goal: finding talents and hiring IPAG students, in France and abroad.

Find them at out forums:



Guidance to find your way

Throughout the year, partner companies come and meet current students during the career roundtables in order to provide them with advice regarding their career path. These managers, consultants and entrepreneurs engage in casual conversations with them, sharing information on their background, their line of business and the changes affecting it, the future opportunities and challenges of their sector, etc. Thanks to these constructive discussions, students are able to make the best choice.


" Hundreds of companies on our campuses each year "


Business challenges: display your talents

Negotiation contests, sales contests, PowerPoint battles… Many challenges set by major partner companies await you during your studies at IPAG. All particularly popular among students, those real-life simulations let you not only put your knowledge into practice, but also demonstrate your know-how and reach out to potential recruiters.






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