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Student organisations


Discover all the richness of IPAG’s student organisations, where you will develop new skills and experience unforgettable human adventures.

With more than 40 student organisations on its Paris and Nice campuses, community life is an integral part of IPAG’s pedagogy. Culture, sports, social work… These initiatives are true experimenting grounds, allowing you to develop your entrepreneurial spirit and your management abilities



More than 40

Student organisations on our Paris and Nice campuses

Social and solidarity-based initiatives

  • IPAG solidaire aims to involve students in solidarity actions (help to sick children, blood donation, support to the Téléthon).
  • Banque alimentaire offers to collect food items for the homeless from neighbouring businesses in Paris.
  • IPAG’MOD promotes emerging designers by organising a fashion show at the heart of Paris, the profits of which are donated to charities.
  • HANDI’PAG aims at raising young people’s awareness of issues relating to the integration of disabled people into the professional world.
  • Les Petits Cuistots offers cooking lessons to hospitalised children. These activities are conducted jointly with top chefs, in partnership with mass retail brands.
  • cHeer uP is a federation of 14 organisations striving to support teenagers and young adults with cancer in carrying out their greatest projects. IPAG students hold a series of fundraising events each year.
  • Beaut’IPAG organises hairstyling, makeup and well-being workshops with the help of professionals. All profits are donated to a charity, which offers beauty and care workshops to women with cancer.
  • Papyboom conducts activities and entertainment in nursing homes in order to maintain the intergenerational link.
  • Vide dressing solidaire aims to collect and resell used clothing. Profits are donated to a humanitarian organisation.

  • Social IPAG: Social IPAG aims at providing a large set of services to the community. Students take actions to help children in hospitals, entertain them with fun activities, organize visits to elderly people or develop fundraising campaigns for Telethon. 

  • Les Anges gardiens de Monaco: Monaco’s Guardian Angels take actions to help the homeless.
  • Cuisines du Monde: by collaborating with other charities, our cooks are able to provide those in needs with complete meals for only €1. 

  • IPAG Fraternité: IPAG «fraternity » is dedicated to helping war wounded. Students take actions to inform companies on how they can help the war wounded get back into the business world.
  • IPAG Animal Care: Students take care of abandoned animals. They find shelters, collect funds and take actions to raise awareness.

Student life

  • GLOBAL'IPAG was created in order to help international students to integrate into the school with its mentoring system and numerous events.
  • Expat’ en toute tranquillité supports future 3rd-year students in preparing their departure abroad.
  • IPAGuide introduces foreign students to every nook and cranny of the capital city through a handy guide of recommended places and good deals.
  • GreenSchool seeks to promote ecology and sustainable development within the school by hosting fundraisers, conferences and other awareness-raising events.


  • Equipag participates in the EDHEC sailboat race cruise and in the CCE Land Trophy, one of the greatest sporting events in Europe. This multi-sports raid (mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering, running, shooting, etc.) allows 150 teams of 3 to 5 students to compete in breath-taking sports contests.
  • IPAG 4L Trophy is a car rally for students, embarked upon by some 3 000 competitors. This race is based on 3 principles: completing the stages, providing aid to Moroccan children and respecting the environment, all the while racing aboard a Renault 4L car.
  • IPAG Golf Trophy organises a golf tournament gathering students and professionals from the business world.
  • IPAG Soccer Cup : Students organise un football competition with different schools and businesses. Funds are then distributed to a charity. 
  • BDS : Students are in charge of developing the role of sports inside the school. They offer a large range of different activities and competitions.

Business and entrepreneurship

  • IPAG Junior Conseil makes professional skills acquired by students available to companies. The tasks assigned cover various fields: marketing, finance, sales, etc.
  • Association Relations entreprises was founded to organise and promote recruitment forums, in conjunction with the school’s teams, as well as the IPAG PowerPoint Battle, a major contest coordinated by IPAG and Microsoft.
  • Club Finance : The club organises and participates in events such as conferences, challenges etc. 
  • Afterwork Professionnel : Students meet business leaders and alumni.

Culture, arts and digital

  • BDA seeks to promote young artists (contemporary art, design and stree art) and to introduce a lay audience to diverse forms of art.
  • IPAG CHEF aims at promoting gastronomy within IPAG through tasting events and culinary workshops.
  • IPAG Wine not organises friendly cultural events focused on oenology. It also offers its contribution to projects set up by other organisations.
  • IPAG Photo Club conducts activities and holds a photo competition in order to promote photography within the school. It also provides photo coverage for student events.
  • Lou Pais Nissart :  Organises outdoor events on the French Riviera.
  • Cinéma : Students broadcast films and organise activities and debates to discuss cinema. 
  • Théâtre : Students participate in the Great student theater festival ‘Festival de Théâtre étudiant ‘ which is held every year in Grasse, the capital city of perfume and fragrances. 
  • Journal de l'IPAG : Students write and publish the school’s newspaper. They develop a digital media about student life.
  • Musipag : Students share their passion of music, organise meetings with artists and organise a musical challenge to be held at the end of the year. 
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