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Research topics of IPAG Lab

Économie collaborative, transition énergétique, entreprise inclusive… Les chercheurs de l’IPAG travaillent sur des enjeux pluridisciplinaires majeurs.

The Environment chair studies cooperation efforts between northern and southern Mediterranean countries in the fields of industry, environment and energy, thus contributing to the development of a new Mediterranean energy parntership.
IPAG contributes to addressing the challenge presented by the ecological transition by supporting the regional development of collaborative economic models. Its action-research covers public actors, businesses, educational institutions, civil society organisations and citizens themselves.
More than half of the volume of trade carried out daily on developed financial markets is generated by quantitative algorithms. The Quantitative Finance research chair contributes to the analysis of this phenomenon, exploring its opportunities and assessing its risks.
IPAG’s Towards an Inclusive Company research chair is the first French research-action, training, and scientific knowledge dissemination chair focused on the relationships between agility, inclusion, and innovation. As a strategic partner of the Association Française Des Managers De La Diversité (French Association of Diversity Managers) (AMFD), it contributes to the optimisation of CSR and diversity initiatives within organisations.
The French Savoir-Faire research chair, which is directed by economist Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, analyses perception of the “made in France” brand around the world. It develops economic policy and business strategy recommendations with an aim to increase attractiveness of the French economy.