Professional Integration

IPAG develops a series of measures to ensure employability for all students including field experiences every year and an individual career coaching throughout your studies.

The IPAG graduates network gathers more than 11,500 alumni. These connections from all lines of business will play a decisive role in your career.
Recruitment forums, business challenges … IPAG organises frequent meetings with recruiters to guarantee your career success.
IPAG enables you to complete numerous internships, which allow you to gain rich work experience and get yourself an outstanding profile for recruiters.
Apprenticeship let you gain long-term work experience while enjoying the status of an employee: The best way to secure your first job.
IPAG prepares your professional integration from your first year onwards. You can benefit from this support throughout your entire career as a manager.
Each student gets personalised career coaching to help decide their path and get their first job. Assistance is provided by HR specialists.
Do you wish to take over a business or create your own company? IPAG’s incubator provides you with support throughout every stage of your project.