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Career and Network

Do you wish to create your own company, develop your professional network or review your career. IPAG provides you with assistance and coaching throughout your career.

IPAG alumni are found in many different sectors: marketing, international trade, entrepreneurship, etc. Their careers reflect the diversity of our curriculums.
Have you lost or damaged your IPAG diploma? No problem, you can ask IPAG for a certificate of achievement or duplicate at any time.
Whether you are a young graduate or an experienced manager, the website IPAG Alumni allows you to keep in touch with IPAG alumni and to move forward with your career.
Group workshops, individual coaching… Whether you are a young or experienced graduate, IPAG supports you at every stage of your career.
Many networking opportunities punctuate the life of IPAG alumni. Our goal is to develop your professional network and boost your career as a manager.
Do you wish to take over a business or create your own company? IPAG’s incubator provides you with support throughout every stage of your project.