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Like IPAG, only 15 out of 38 State-accredited schools got the maximum length of 5 years.

07 June 2017

The school’s international orientation, strategy, governance, dynamism as well as its stable yet fast-paced development, high-level research lab, faculty, pedagogical innovation and international accreditations currently in process allowed IPAG’s Programme Grande Ecole to renew its State-accreditation for 5 years, the  maximum possible length.

The decision taken by the CEFDG in June 2017 makes it possible for IPAG to remain State-accredited, as it’s already been since 2011.

In 2011, IPAG got State-accredited for 3 years. The accreditation was extended to 4 years in 2013. Its reaching the maximum of 5 years in 2017 honours the high quality and constant improvement of the school’s Programme Grande Ecole.

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