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Sociology and Accounting: Interview with Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna (Le Monde du Chiffre)

29 April 2019

Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna, Director of the Inclusive Business Chair at IPAG Business School, gave an interview for Le Monde du Chiffre, where she shares her analysis of the study results, carried out in partnership with IFEC and the VYV Group on the sociological aspect of the accounting profession.

Strategic issues, continuous learning, ethics and entrepreneurship, Dr Bruna revisites the accountant role and future challenges, a major player but especially intermediate between the public authorities and the economic world.

In an increasingly competitive, tense and complex economic system, where the uberisation is established within certain support functions, Dr. Bruna is thinking further about the complexity of the accounting profession, intellectually stimulating, but also stress factor. From a sociological point of view, Maria Giuseppina Bruna raises the accounting function issue regarding to human resources perspective: knowledge transfer, work organization, management, working conditions and maintaining excellence are all problems to be taken into consideration to favour well-being at work.

Find the video of the interview by Le Monde du Chiffre by clicking here.

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