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Secularism Management: executive education training on the religious fact in business

20 May 2019

At a time when beliefs invite themselves more and more in the work environment and that religious fact in the company manifests itself in different forms, the IPAG Executive Education offers a training programme to help Human Resources managers or staff representatives, to meet the challenges imposed by these changes.

This oneday training enables professionals to get the keys information on the subject: to understand the religious expression in a professional framework, to apprehend the diversity of the religious manifestations within the company, to know the jurisprudence, to learn to prevent and neutralize conflicts by integrating the religious fact into internal rules.

Combining theorical inputs and practical case studies, this training takes into account the specific needs of the course participants and is led by Denis Maillard, specialist in work changes, transformation of the HR function and occupational risks.

The programme:

  • Religion, a whole story: better understanding to do things right
  • The 3 major events of religious fact in business
  • Integrate religious fact into internal rules

Download the complete brochure (in French only)

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