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Partnership IPAG/KissKissBankBank

IPAG Alumni and its partner KissKissBankBank have spoken during an informative meeting about the keys to success of a crowdfunding campaign.

01 December 2017

KissKissBankBank is a collaborative finance company founded in France in March 2010 similar to Kickstarter. This company connects project creators and contributors who are fond of creativity.

KissKissBankBank is the leader of crowdfunding in Europe.

This meeting was an opportunity to introduce the benefits of the partnership to both graduates of the business school and students with a business start-up project at IPAG.

What is the definition of crowdfunding ?

The most famous example of “crowdfunding” is Barack Obama’s latest campaign in the US, funded by the general public which has raised $ 150 million.

Crowdfunding is therefore a key which allows the general public to financially and collectively support an idea or project that appeals to it.

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