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IPAG students discover Data Exploration !

Stephane Hochberg, entrepreneur and Data Exploration specialist, now teaches Masters' students at IPAG Business School 

02 February 2018

By teaching Data Exploration, IPAG aims at providing students with rare and yet essential skills to stand out on the job market and succeed as a manager.

Students met two special guests: Andy Kriebel (founder of the London Data School, former Data Specialist at Facebook and Coca Cola) as well as Jade Le Van (Data Analyst at Tableau Software).

Starting with a public set of data, students were invited to built up their own studies on the level of accessibility of buildings in Singapore. 

Graphs, heat maps... students analysed and connected data to highlight interesting facts.

they, for example, teach us that the level of accessibility of buildings tends to decrease as density gets higher. 


Our students share their work on Twitter! 

You may find them all online by using the hashtag #Ipagdataexploration

Stephane Hochberg also makes some of his work public on social media! 


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